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Student's Bid to End Life!!!

One night when Dr. N Rajgopal was in the process MindScope analysis late in the night, there was power cut with heavy rains. Little later, when the rain showed a sign of receding he heard a commotion behind his house. On enquiring he cane to know that it was a case neighbour’s grand son, a student has taken poison because he had secured low marks in the examinations. Then Dr. N Rajgopal made enquiries about the immediate well being of the patient as the news was that he was shifted from one hospital to another due shortage of ventilators. The family members were in a shock crying and panicking. Dr. N Rajgopal asked for the details of the boy and analyzed the case through MindScope. The result was positive and there is no threat of death. This was communicated to his relatives. The next day Dr. N Rajgopal and his wife visited the boy in a private hospital in ICU. Later the boy was discharged and he is hale and healthy as of date and it is 6 years since.