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About Dr.N.Rajagopal

Dr. N Rajagopal,is one of the direct disciples of Mahavatar Babaji. He is India's reputed and much sought after Vedic Astrologer. He continuously channels his Guru, the Immortal Himalayan Master, Mahavatar Babaji. He helps people by solving various kinds of problems though counselling, astrological solutions, medicines and natural gemstones. Solution to each case is given by him through a special divine method called "MindScope" which is a spiritual guidance from SadGuru Mahavatar Babaji. Dr. N Rajagopal hails from an Orthodox Iyer family of Moola purusha Gopala Iyer, who established his family long back in a small village named Nemmeli near Mannargudi of Tanjore District. Born on 1st January 1955 at Mannargudi, around 100 kms from the birth place of Babaji. Mannargudi has a famous temple dedicated to Sri Rajagopala Swamy. Dr. N Rajagopal’s forefathers were the Royal Jyotishas for Tanjore Maharaja and his samasthana. Pleased with the fructification of one of the forecast about plenty of rain in the drought hit state and birth of a male progeny to the King, the King gifted plenty of land and grants, which was enjoyed by Gopala Iyer and his descendents.

Born to Shri D Nagarajan & Smt N Jayalakshmi, Dr. N Rajagopal hails from a highly rich Zamindari family with Orthodox and Jyotisha background. His maternal grandfather late Sri. Rama Iyer was a famous Engineer and Industrialist owning several rice mills, ice factories, theatres, bus services etc., in Kumbakonam. In the year 1960, Dr. N Rajagopal’s family moved from Nemmeli to Bangalore, as the prospects for studies were not encouraging in the village. Consequent to leaving the village and owing to differences with the tillers of the lands and letting down by close confidents, his father deserted all his property and walked out empty handed. Due to this reason; the childhood life of Dr. N Rajagopal was full of turmoil, and troubles. He was roasted between poverty and struggle, day-in-and day-out. Born among five sisters, he was the only son to his parents. Taking part time, off time employments from various sources, he continued his studies. He completed his Post-Graduations, Bachelor Degree in Medicine, a couple of Management Diplomas and specialized training programs in various topics. He served private companies; MNCs, big corporate houses holding a variety of middle level and senior positions. Having authored books on taxation and general topics, he has been teaching Management, Taxation, HR etc. at various forums.

His father, Late Shri D Nagarajan was a devout follower of Jyotisha and had a good following in the family circle. Surprisingly, his father had underlined his last day on this earth and had even left a written note on his bedside, containing the kind samskaras to be performed on each day after his death.

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Medical Miracles and Babaji

Surprisingly, it is becoming a pattern for his disciples to become seriously ill, before being associated with the Immortal Mahavatar Babaji. When Dr. N Rajagopal was 24 years, between 17th May and 28th June 1979, he was admitted in Bangalore CSI Hospital, vide I. P No. 2234 and O. P No. 5128, in a very bad shape with an un-diagnosed disease. He was having on and off a couple bouts of Melaena and Haemetemesis, which contained fresh blood. The fresh blood in vomit and stools was due to internal bleeding after taking Capules Cloromycetin, Paracetamol and Avil Tablets initially from a local doctor. His health condition was becoming bad to worst day-by-day. The haemoglobin level was reducing from Hb 8.4% Gms on 18.05.1979 to Hb 5.2% Gms on 31.05.1979. He was not fit for surgery due to his poor haemoglobin level and also shortage of blood availability. During this period, already 17 pints of blood and hundreds of IV fluid bottles were transfused into him. There were no donors available with “O” –ve blood, which is a rare group.

His was an almost medically a gone case, with Doctors advising to inform all relatives. With unflinching and unfailing faith in Astrology, his revered father Shri. D Nagarajan, who had his own permutations & combination of his horoscope, was the only person who stood like a rock stating that there will be no danger to his son’s life. Miracles happened and he started recovering and was I discharged on 28.06.1979 with an advice to go for elective surgery in two months time.

Who is this Saadhu?

Fear of surgery lead him to his family doctor Achary P Dorai was an elderly Siddha Vydhya expert in Bangalore. He was one who finally treated him without any surgery to this date. One of these days, i.e., on Wednesday 11.07.1979, when he was with the Doctor, a Saadhu visited the doctor and was dictating a treatment procedure for a water-borne disease, which the Siddha Doctor was finding it difficult to cure another patient. The Doctor revered such saadhus, who would visit him often without any call. The Doctor would oft repeat that he learnt several medical clues from such Saadhus. When this particular Saadhu left the dispensary, Dr. N Rajagopal followed the Saadhu for a couple of furlongs, like an iron piece drawn towards a magnet. The Saadhu gazed at him and blessed him with a small Agate stone. Ever since this incident happened, several positive changes started happening within him. He was very fast in giving remedies to clients who approached him. At that time he was neither interested in Jyotisha nor practicing it, but from the age of 17, he was learning and practicing numerology as a hobby. Due to his pre-occupation with employment, he was attending only to a handful of cases. Without the knowledge of Jyotisha, he was helping his father in naming the problematic planet through native’s photo or thumb impression. His father would then cast the horoscope and trace the afflictions on the lines identified by Dr. N Rajagopal.

To his utter surprise and amusement, after a gap eleven years, the same Saadhu appeared before him at the same spot. This time, he advised him to meet him in one of the caves in Mumbai. Without revealing the incident, he checked for any adversity for his life from his father. His father judged transit results over his natal chart and gave him permission to go to Mumbai. The date fixed by the Saadhu was 28th April 1991 at 11.45 a.m. Dr. N Rajagopal called on the Saadhu at the appropriate time and the Saadhu was very much there to receive him. This time, the Saadhu did not give any material object. But, he placed his foot over Dr. N Rajagopal’s head and blessed him. The Saadhu indicated that many changes will happen to him and to several people coming in contact with Dr. N Rajagopal over a period of years. All these happened in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes. It was yet another strange, surprising and unbelievable episode in Dr. N Rajagopal’s life.

Gift of Third Eye by the Saadhu

Ever since the above experience, Dr. N Rajagopal never fell ill due to any major setback on his health and never underwent any sort of surgery till date. The deeksha of Saadhu bestowed on Dr. N Rajagopal has brought a revolutionary transformation in his life with an extra sensory organ in the form of a Third Eye. He completed all his educational courses, which were interrupted for one or other reasons. People coming to him for various counselling, remedies etc. were on the rise. Though, he had no knowledge of Sanskrit, several remedies would start appearing before him for any complicated problems of people who approach him. It became possible for him to meditate on the photograph of the concerned person and get answers for any complicated queries. He was also able to visualise and subsequently write several of Yantras rendered by his holiness the Sri Adi Shankara in the Saundarya-Lahari or the Yantras conceived through revelations by clairvoyance, holy tantric gurus, saints and spiritual masters. He has been blessed with the unique quality of selecting a suitable remedy for a native and solving the problem. On many occasions, whenever his father was studying any horoscope Dr. N Rajagopal would glance at the horoscope and give hint to his father about a particular planet or planets, which would prove to be true later. His father used to wonder how it was possible for his son to pin point the specific planets without possessing any basic knowledge in Jyotisha. As father, he was longing for his son to show interest and pursue studies on Jyotisha. His father would oft repeat that one day his son would take up Jyotisha to change the life of people in this world.

Pull and Push to Astrology

Rajagopal’s reluctance to study Astrology had to crumble and melt soon. Subsequent to his father’s death, he had several new experiences in life. One of these days, he felt as though his father has just opened up his skull-cap and poured a lot of substance into it. Astonishingly, he started discussing crux on astrology with his friends. He was quick to pursue the studies and has successfully passed the examinations in Jyotisha Praveen and Jyotisha Visharada through Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, which is the highest body in Astrological study and research activities. The Indian Council of Astrological Sciences was founded by the world famous “Astrologer the Great” and torch bearer Dr. B V Raman. Dr. B V Raman was a rare scholar who has authored over two dozen books on almost every topic of Astrology. Dr. B V Raman’s another greatness lies in the fact that he achieved this herculean task with less supports coming in at a time when astrology was made to look as a mere mockery and at a time when several renderings of the Rishis were destroyed by the invaders. It was because of Dr. B V Raman tireless efforts and forethought that today thousands of learned men and women from all walk of life and profession have successfully passed out from ICAS with clear and scientific understanding of the great science Astrology. Many students of ICAS have critically analyzed the subject and authored several books on Astrology bringing laurels across the world. It is another rare fete for Dr. N Rajagopal to have gained the scientific knowledge on Astrology from such a prestigious institution. Dr. N Rajagopal was also decorated with a variety of awards and titles from Astrological Research Project and other Institutions.

End of Corporate career and high earning

In the meanwhile, he was able to visualize that his father’s dream as well as the Saadhu’s predictions were coming true. Driven by the divine will, equipped with these new experiences and the demand for serving the sufferings of people, he resigned his highly paid Corporate Managerial Assignments and established an Astrological service and consultation center specialized in Corporate, Business, Medical and Career astrology. He has wowed not to join any service hereon.

He has established a system called MindScope under which he is blessed to get revelations from Babaji. He gets answers for various queries of the affected people, just based on the photograph of the concerned person. By the guidance of Babaji, he is able to mark the afflicted planets, even before study of the horoscope or knowing any details of the concerned person. With this method innumerable people have benefited and the planetary afflictions have been precisely identified and suitable remedies are given.

Beggar to visit Babaji

Just one month before leaving the job, Dr N Rajagopal wanted to have a new experience. He knew that it was beyond his expectations to have the Darshan of Babaji. However, he assumed that he should make several failed visits to Himalayas to get Babaji’s darshan. Also many of us talk ill of beggars and beggary. Dr N Rajagopal wanted to experience a visit to Himalayas and learn by experience a beggar’s life. Accordingly, without informing anyone he took a tour to Delhi by flight and then by bus to the Himalayas. Depositing all his belongings in a clock room of the lodge, he wandered begging and spending three nights and two days. He neither spoke a word nor made a comment on anything. He just enjoyed the food received as alms, like several other beggars. Subsequently he returned to Bangalore in a normal way. This experience opened new vistas in his life, to understand how simple life is gifted to us by God. But we make it so complicated by our wants. The devotion towards Babaji within him is ever growing.

Babaji keeps the Gate Open

During a recent visit to Pondicherry, along with two of his friends Dr. P Dr. P Jaymohan and a student K S Aneesh, Dr. N Rajagopal took up a visit to Parangi Pettai or Porto nova, the birth place of Babaji. As the small temple, established in Babaji’s birth place has to be approached through narrow village roads, they took an auto rickshaw and arrived at the temple premises. The temple had a gate with its lock open. Dr. N Rajagopal and his friends just entered the temple, and had the darshan of Babaji. No sooner a couple of ladies from the neighborhood came running and asked one of the friends - how did you people enter the temple? When he replied that through the gate was opened, the surprised ladies narrated that many people who visited have returned disappointed looking at the locked gate. “How come the gate was kept open during the time of your visit?” It was also a strange experience for Dr. N Rajagopal and his friends.

Missing Friend & the Linking Revelations

During one of these days in the year 2005, one of Dr. N Rajagopal friends left to Kerala to meet an advocate and receive monetary sanctions from a court. The friend was expected to be back in Bangalore in a couple of days. But there was no news or message from the friend for over a week. As the friend had even switched-off his mobile his mother and other relatives who called him from home town Pondicherry, become suspicious. Frantic calls were made to Dr. N Rajagopal and in turn to every place in Kerala to enquire about the whereabouts of the missing person. He could not be located at all. Worried over the matter, the friend’s brother starts a search operation by taking long journey from Pondicherry to Kerala. Back at home, moved by fear and anxiety, the friend’s mother was frantically calling Dr. N Rajagopal without avail.

Finally she requests Dr. N Rajagopal to meditate and help to know whether the missing son is safe. Disturbed by the events, Dr. N Rajagopal himself was in great mental agony over the missing of his friend, who was a close associate. He was not in the state of mind for venturing in to meditation, as the impatient and disturbed mind could not contribute much. However, finally he heeded to the agonized mother. Due to interruption and crossovers, the result of the MindScope answers was not very clear, but it appeared as though the friend is safe. Later it was understood that the friend stayed back and left for a visit of temples after the personal work was over. The friend was particularly drawn to temples of Kerala known for their serenity and sanctity and wanted to spend a few days over there.

It was during the above meditation, when thoughts kept flowing into Dr. N Rajagopal’s mind on various aspects connected with the friend, Babaji’s revelations crossed over and interrupted his mind. This experience was directed from superior source and hence the sudden deflection of thoughts for Dr. N Rajagopal. As the thoughts flowed in Dr. N Rajagopal was in an utter state of floating in tears and was not able to comprehend as to what all is Babaji’s message and what the Great Mahavatar Guru is directing him to do. It was probably a case of the Guru diverting his attention to bigger assignments, rather than worrying about small things.

Over the years Dr. N Rajagopal was constantly in contact with invisible energies. In every case, he has tasted the divine presence and their form. The significance is very subtle that it took number years to comprehend. Could it be that Babaji came in the guise of a Saadhu? Why I shall be drawn to a Siddha Vaidhya? Why should the Saadhu appear before him? There are several secrets in the cosmic creation unknown to us and everything happens with a pattern and a purpose. Finally, during the course of a meditation in communion with Babaji, for the earnest question – who was that Saadhu, Babaji subtly indicated to Dr. N Rajagopal that he would appear before him in any form. It was thus amply clear that it was none other than Babaji who came in the guise of Saadhu.

Certain Revelations to Dr. N Rajagopal by Babaji

One day Dr. N Rajagopal was in deep meditation. The communion with Babaji has begun. Some thoughts pass through about Babaji’s original name Nagaraj and the link with Dr. N Rajagopal’s father late Sri. D Nagarajan. The answer flows: look at my photo in Marshal Govindan’s book and your father’s photo hung in the hall, you will see similarity. After the meditation, I run to look at both the photos. My father adorns himself with three lines of sacred ash on his forehead and Babaji, can be seen with a shawl which has three distinct lines.

Based on a discussion I had with one of my friends earlier, in the next session my communion, my mind tends to ask Babaji. Having lost connection with the family, what is the link between Babaji and Mataji Annai Nagalakshmi? How did they unite and join in Gauri Shankar Ashram in Badrinath? An answer flows from Babaji thus as follows: I am witness to many things and incidents happened over several centuries. You are not! What is the link between your father Nagarajan and Nagalakshmi? Enthralled by the revelations, I run to locate the partition deed date 27th Feb 1924, registered on 15th March 1924 at Thiruvarur Sub Registrar office, Tamil Nadu, between my father Late Sri. D. Nagarajan and my grand father late Sri. Doraiswami Iyer. My father was a seven year old minor child when this deed was partition deed was registered. The deed was moved and registered by Nagalakshmi. Smt. Nagalakshmi was my father’s paternal aunt. Having become a widow, Nagalakshmi’s father adopted my grand father Doraiswami Iyer and thus he become legal heir for the vast property and wealth. As my grand father was spendthrift and was entangled in litigation, in the interest of protecting the property Nagalakshmi moved the above partition deed. Having heard Babaji’s revelations all my relatives were shocked and surprised.