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Babaji Sannidhan

Babaji Sannidhan would function through the divine guidance of Babaji and “Sri Mahavatar Babaji Sannidhan Seva Trust” established in Bangalore, India by Dr. N Rajgopal, Mathaji Mala Rajgopal and others.

The primary objectives of Babaji Sannidhan are to liberate human beings from their threefold suffering viz., Physical disease , Mental in harmonies , and Spiritual ignorance with the constant guidance from Babaji.

As a first step to achieve this objective, a shrine “Babaji Sannidhan” has been built where over fifty people can meditate and pray at a time. An excellent life size marble statue of Babaji adores this dedicated “ Temple of Peace ” .Babaji is the guiding factor for all activities undertaken by Sannidhan and the trust.

The Babaji Sannidhan is open to all persons irrespective of language, caste, class, religion or nationality considerations as discrimination in any form is against the law of nature and will not be approved by Babaji.

The result of dedication and commitment has paved the way where hundreds of life transforming programs would benefit the society and bring solace to many as the Trust is focuses activities on various needs of the society.

The Babaji Sannidhan is the spiritual place enshrined with divinity where Babaji’s Amrutha Kriya Yoga and Babaji’ Saptha Marga (Self realization through Yoga) encompassing into deep understanding of the intricacies of true Yoga and its practices are taking place.

Services offered at Babaji Sannidhan and the Guidelines are as follows:

Vedic solutions are divine in nature, proven and benefited by thousands of individuals over the years. The services rendered from Babaji Sannidhan are basically Seva i.e., a "Selfless Service" to support the world and community around us without any sort of distinction or expectation. It is Babaji’s direction that none shall be turned away and made to suffer due to lack money. Therefore, everyone entering the Babaji Sannidhan will be healed in one of other way.

Those coming to Babaji Sannidhan from long distance, seeking solution for the sufferings or problems shall inform us in advance and shall be prepared to stay in Bangalore for a couple of days in order for us to prepare suitable remedies and complete the healing process. Fast world is for those materialistic life seekers. Therefore, those coming hurriedly may not benefit in this fast world. Similarly those who approach us casually or with no faith may not benefit in any way.

For those who are crippled or unable reach us due to geographical distance their requests for distance healing and remedies shall be considered and accommodated at the sole discretion of Dr. N Rajgopal. However such requests shall bear the expenditure towards the cost of actual packing and shipping. This special request shall however be considered depending on our schedule.

Special prayers shall be carried out for those on sick bed for speedy recovery and leading a comfortable life, upon receipt of clear information and details.