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Saptha Marga

Further, Babaji has guided Dr. N Rajgopal about a new path which the present society and its people are in dire need. The path is named by Babaji as Saptha Marga. Babaji has assured that through the practice of Babaji's Saptha Magra the growing multidimensional consciousness can be brought to bear fruit upon the problems of human society. And when the preparations are in near complete Babaji's divine consciousness will descend into all his disciples bringing about a heavenly life on e...

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Unique Shrine for Babaji

One of these days Babaji revealed to Dr. N Rajgopal to establish a unique Shrine for Babaji to continue his mission from South. The shrine is essential to achieve the base works on various fronts. That he has chosen this mission through a set of Path or Marga as adequately required for the currently matured and developed society. In the initial phases, Dr. N Rajgopal had ignored upsurge of such an idea as illusive perception. But, when he was constantly revealed the idea of the unique shrine ...

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Babaji's Major Role in 2050

Babaji will be playing a more major role around the year 2050 A.D, by which time various nations of the world will claim having attained supremacy over others in warfare and in possessing advanced scientific destructive inventions, thus threatening the very existence of the world and living beings through world wars. While subversive elements in each country would add an element of ruthless acts against their own tribes, environmental and biological degradation would reach an uncontrollable h...

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The 18 Siddhas

A little was known about Siddhas and their Kriya yoga tradition. The Siddhas number about 18 and were concentrated in many part of India, more particularly in present Tamil Nadu, still influencing the entire universe. They attained a state of perfection called as "Soruba Samadhi". The state of perfection, which the Siddha Yogis or the Yoga Siddhas have attained, is due to their penance, magnanimous in selfless contributions and their unique life style. For the Siddhas addressing Shi...

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Spiritual Benefits – Higher Level

  • A feeling of lightness and freshness is evoked.
  • Activates and warms up the whole being.
  • Anahata voice can be heard.
  • Body and mind become very light, agile, fresh and relaxed.
  • Builds up sense of balance and a feeling of confidence.
  • Develops confidence and self-confidence.
  • Develops humility and balances the mind.
  • Enhances the general well being of a person.
  • Improves awareness during relaxation
  • ...

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General and Therapeutic Benefits – Lower Level

  • All the muscles and joints get relaxed.
  • Brain gets rich supply of blood.
  • Builds strong biceps, calves and a flexible back.
  • Cure constipation and other digestive disorders.
  • Develops the physical and mental stability.
  • Enhances lower back’s flexibility.
  • Enhances secretion of gastric juices,
  • Enhances secretion of pancreatic juice and adrenalin.
  • Flexes and stretches abdominal muscles.
  • F...

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Babaji’s Saptha Marga- Practice and initiation - Schedule

Similar to the Babaji’s Amrutha Kriya, the Saptha Marga also is a six day course of practice & initiation. The “Babaji’s Saptha Marga” will be conducted every year from the fifth day of Deepawali i.e., of from the Panchami thithi and will conclude on the Dasami thithi. The initiation will taking place on the auspicious day Dasami. The program will progress daily from 5.45 am to 6.00 pm with break for breakfast, lunch and relaxation.

The participants shall...

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Babaji’s Amrutha Kriya - Practice and initiation - Schedule

Babaji's “Amrutha Kriya Yoga” - Practice and Initiation



Babaji’s Amrutha Kriya is a Spiritual Treasure of nectar available to all humanity from Babaji through Dr. N Rajagopal and Mataji Mala Rajagopal.

There is no structured program or fixed time frame for one to be an “Amruthawan”. But, it is expected that one must have certain minimum exposure to Babaji&rsquo...

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Babaji's Saptha Marga" (Self Realization through Yoga)

This unique scientific knowledge of experience was first initiated to Dr. N Rajgopal by Babaji on 05.05.2006 for dissemination to one and all, but whoever qualifies and lives that standard of life. It is a minute high-power capsule for the whole being, where the ignorance converges with ego and melts to bring enlightenment on various aspects of life around the seeker.

“Babaji’s Saptha Marga” P ractice and initiation


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Babaji's Amrutha Kriya - Practice and initiation

Babaji’s Amrutha Kriya is a Spiritual Treasure of nectar available to all humanity from Babaji through Dr. N Rajgopal.

There is no structured program or fixed time frame for one to be an “Amruthawan”. But, it is expected that one must have certain minimum exposure to Babaji’s life and teachings, his vision for transformation of the society through self-transformation. This is a must before the preparation for t...

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Yoga Siddhas

We know a little that the Siddhas attained a state of perfection called as “Swarupa Samadhi” due to their penance, magnanimous in selfless contributions and their unique life style. Siddhas are those who concentrate and hold their breath in the mooladhara, navel, heart, middle of stomach, neck, hairs and raise the Kundalini power.

According to the ancient Siddhas the divine would also descend further into lower planes of consciousness viz., the intellect...

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Yoga - Babaji and Yoga Siddhas

The Himalayan immortal Master Mahavatar Babaji is the great server of humanity. Babaji has every power, travels by mere thought, and manifests anything needed from the air and still stays youthfully in his physical body, guiding the matured, aged Saadhus, Sanyasins, and Seers seated around him. By virtue of Babaji is from the tradition of the great Siddhas. He is the knower of all science.

SadGuru Mahavatar Sri Babaji is a sage of infinite enlightenment, a God ...

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360 Degree Yoga Babaji’s Amrutha Kriya and "Saptha Marga"

The word Yoga was coined by Rishis long ago. Yoga comes from Sanskrit root “Yuj” meaning “to join” or “to Yoke”. Yoga is one of six system of Indian Philosophy. In many ways yoga has been defined; of course, there are too many definitions. But in its spiritual sense, it is an experiential process by which the human spirit is brought into near and conscious communion with the ultimate reality or merges with the divine spirit. For a common man’s underst...

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