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Unique Shrine for Babaji

One of these days Babaji revealed to Dr. N Rajgopal to establish a unique Shrine for Babaji to continue his mission from South. The shrine is essential to achieve the base works on various fronts. That he has chosen this mission through a set of Path or Marga as adequately required for the currently matured and developed society. In the initial phases, Dr. N Rajgopal had ignored upsurge of such an idea as illusive perception. But, when he was constantly revealed the idea of the unique shrine and its various activities by Babaji, he realized that it was not his own idea or sub-conscious repetition of thoughts, but it is a part of the Babaji's supreme mission. Surprised by these rare revelations of Babaji, he had to plead with Babaji. That there is no money, no land, no support for any such project and it is beyond his conceivable thoughts and imagination to think of such plans and how one can dream of initiating such a huge project of shrine. Babaji answered all these mute questions and dispelled the fear from within the heart of Dr. N Rajgopal. He does not know why Babaji has imposed on him this herculean task. He does not even know what would this shrine do and what unique features it is to hold in the future. But one thing is very clear that Babaji is planning something big for the unification of mankind, which otherwise is threatened to be separated with several barriers.

Babaji revealed that he will be present in the shrine in the form his life-size marble idol and give darshan to all. He will be visible only to a very few who are to be chosen by Babaji from time to time. Babaji also revealed that the shrine will have a huge SriChakra Maha-Meru of over 5 foot carved in green granite and a unique Navagraha Sannidhi. Babaji would be seated in the peeta amidst the 18 great Siddhas. The revelations from Babaji are in the form of subtle (sookshma) messages when Dr. N Rajgopal goes into deep meditation. It was a thrilling experience for the man as he did not have any of such ideas. Taken by surprise and enthusiasm mingled with fear and shock, he had to go into deep meditation on several occasions for answers or directions from Babaji.

On how to go about it, Babaji will guide and direct the entire project and as regards money and material support, Babaji revealed that they will flow from many quarters and many good and virtuous people will be associated with the project. Babaji assured that the revelations would continue to happen. Babaji will be personally helping and blessing everyone who takes part in the project. Hence, it is very clear that Babaji would continue to inspire people to work in order that humanity gradually realizes God. People who work selflessly with unconditional love would become a transmitting station of Babaji. It is a fact that many people associated with Babaji are in blissful state doing silent but serious contributions in spreading his message and teachings.