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Yoga Siddhas

We know a little that the Siddhas attained a state of perfection called as “Swarupa Samadhi” due to their penance, magnanimous in selfless contributions and their unique life style. Siddhas are those who concentrate and hold their breath in the mooladhara, navel, heart, middle of stomach, neck, hairs and raise the Kundalini power.

According to the ancient Siddhas the divine would also descend further into lower planes of consciousness viz., the intellectual, mental, vital, and physical bodies. They become the virtual embodiment of the ultimate Divinity. Such a state is very difficult to be conceptualized by our limited intellect. The Siddhas have discovered that through a complete surrender of their being, their ego, and their very lives, the Divinity would in some exceptional cases descend and completely transform them down to their very cells. This transformation would pass a kinetic current by intensive practice of various Kriyas, Yogasanas, Meditation, Mantras, Yantras, Tantras, Devotion, Kirthanas, Poojas etc., but the supreme is the Kriya Kundalini Pranayama, which is an all inclusive experience. The transformation and transcendence could also be achieved by leading a simple life with high thinking, just a simple but dedicated service to the humanity and living beings of this universe and by creating and living in a conflict less society.

For the Siddhas, Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva; Rama, Krishna or Shanmukha; Durga, Parvathi, Lakshmi, Saraswathi or Shakthi; Christ, or Allah, God or almighty or so on and so forth are one and the same energy but in different manifestation. The Siddhas number about 18 and were concentrated in many part of India, more particularly in southern India. Still they were influencing the entire universe.

A salt log although dissolves and loses its identity by merging into the water, still it retains the saltiest nature of taste. Likewise, the Siddhas have thrown their personality into the ocean of God or the ultimate reality within, and experienced a progressive transformation of their intellectual, mental, vital and physical sheaths, still retaining their foot prints on human history. A state of being one with the universe and bringing back the universe within themselves is an act only possible for elevated souls. Thus a divine transformation of their entire human nature takes place after attaining such a unique realization. Siddha means an adept or one who attained perfection or “Siddhi”. These eighteen Siddhas attained such perfection. Such unique realization could be possible only through the Grace of God. The techniques used by the Siddhas to modify, culture and prepare the lower bodies for the descent of the divinity are collectively called as Kriya Yoga Siddhantha.

The records reveal the history of the Siddha tradition has begun millions of years ago. Lord Shiva initiated Devi Parvathi into Kriya Kundalini Pranayama in a cave at Amarnath. Kriya Kundalini Pranayama is the scientific art of mastering the breath. Later Siddhas Agastya, Nandi Deva, Thirumoolar others were initiated by lord Shiva in Mount Kailash. Initially Babaji was trained by sage Boganath and later sage Agastya initiated Babaji into Kriya Kundalini Pranayama.

The Upanishads have minutely classified every stage of spiritual advancement. A Siddha (perfected being) has progressed from the state of a jivanmukta (“freed while living”) to that of a paramukta (supremely free - full power over death); the later has completely escaped from the mayic thralldom and its cycle of reincarnation. The paramukta, therefore, seldom returns to a physical body; if he does return, he is an Avatar, a divinely appointed medium of supernal blessing, on the world. An avatar is not subject to the universal economy, his pure body, visible as a light image, is free from any debt to Nature.

Babaji is the present Sage or the Himalayan Master by virtue of being the part of the Siddha tradition of the highest order. Babaji knows the past, present and the future. The Himalayan Master has all the knowledge of the art, the science and the techniques not only of the past and the present but also of the future. Babaji is spreading the message of unconditional universal love and works of the Yoga Siddhas. Babaji’s mission in India and elsewhere is to assist prophets in carrying out their special dispensations. It is this vision and mission of Babaji that qualifies for the spiritual classification as Mahavatar.

Babaji has stated that he gave Kriya Yoga initiation to Sankara, Kabir, Lahiri Mahasaya and several others from time to time with due modification as deem fit for that present society. This has kept the Kriya Art alive in every millennium.

Babaji’s Amrutha Kriya is a Spiritual Treasure of nectar available to all humanity from Babaji through Dr. N Rajgopal. It is open all those who seek eternal happiness, self surrender, have will to selfless service, show love and compassion towards all living beings, find peace and harmony with the nature and its environment.