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Babaji's - Amrutha Kriya Yoga

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Babaji's “Amrutha Kriya Yoga” - Practice and Initiation

Babaji’s Amrutha Kriya is a Spiritual Treasure of nectar available to all humanity from Babaji through Dr. N Rajagopal and Mataji Mala Rajagopal.

There is no structured program or fixed time frame for one to be an “Amruthawan”. But, it is expected that one must have certain minimum exposure to Babaji’s life and teachings, his vision for transformation of the society through self-transformation. This is a must before the preparation for the sacred initiation. Self-Transformation leads to Self-Realization followed by Purpose Realization. Therefore, instant initiation, cyber initiation, mobile initiation or online initiations have no workable sanctity for this spiritual path and we do not advocate these. The divine aspirants are invited to invest their physical presence and time for the initiation. In the spiritual journey to realize the self, one shall not buy the notion that times have changed or time is not available at disposal etc. These will only hinder the path to elevate the aspirants. It also tends to curb pursuing happiness through the acquisition of life experiences such as traveling, meeting people, understanding others, participating in Sat Sangh, sharing our emotions and feelings with other divine souls etc.,

For this, the spiritual aspirants are invited with open hands to participate and have first-hand experience in understanding the basics of self-practice, prayer, methods, purpose, benefits, limitations etc., so that the seeker is not only able to guide and lead others down the line without any lacuna to achieve the goal of simple living with high thinking, but also open the gate of love and light in identifying self with the macro society.

For the initial steps one has to invest at least one day with a physical presence of 360 minutes. The location is at Babaji Sannidhan, Bangalore - India or at different convenient locations as may be specified on case to case basis, including Mahavatar Babaji Cave at Dunagiri Hill of Uttara Khand on a special occasion. The sacred science of Yoga – “Babaji’s Amrutha Kriya Yoga” is open to all humanity across the globe. The minimum participatory age is 16 Years and there is no upper age restriction, so long the person is mentally sound with normal health. There will be no body exercise or postures in the program, but the participants will be guided to follow certain minimum physical activity which they can practice on daily basis.

Purpose Realization

Though we are individuals, still we are not independent. No one can be independent on this earth. Everyone is interdependent. Self-Realization allows us to realise about us with the society and the nature. It could bring a drastic transformation within oneself. But with a poor understanding, such individuals fail to look towards the society we live in. We need to be concerned about the society we live in and the all the other lives it contains. Hence we need to be with and help other co-born with us in this society. Therefore there arises a need to look beyond Self-Realization, which is Self-Realization with Purpose Realization. There is a purpose in our coming to this planet through birth and we must know that purpose to guide us in our pursuit. The four ideal aims of Hinduism or Caturvarga, a person should have been born are Dharma (moral duty), Artha (Economic Prosperity), Kama (Love or pleasure) and Moksha (Spiritual liberation). Though each one of the four of these ideal aims or "object of human pursuit" are classed as being important, Moksha is considered to be the ultimate Goal for any human. After this, Dharma takes priority over the others. By linking these Caturvarga pursuits or Goals to the four stages of life Brahmacharya (pupil), Grihasta (householder), Vanaprastha (forest dweller), and Samnyasin (renouncer), one can go on enter into research and dwell on theories after theories, but we have to cut short and bring into understanding for a practical approach with the guidance of Mahavatar Babaji.
In this “Amrutha Kriya Yoga” initiation, the seeker will come to know of his purpose of birth. Therefore he or she can channelize his or her life in that pursuit for which he or she was chosen. Hence the initiation paves the way to a purposeful life from a purposeless way of living.

Those who complete the practice satisfactorily are initiated into Babaji’s Amrutha Kriya Yoga and are known as “Amruthawan”. They are identified with and dedicate their life in the teachings and works of Mahavatar Babaji. They will help and guide other aspirants in achieving union with Mahavatar Babaji, through dissemination of right knowledge, right enquiry and right practice.