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Sri Mahavatar Babaji Sannidhan Seva Trust

The trust has envisaged multifarious service schemes to make the people feel that there is always protection and support for any one who feel left alone, irrespective of their age, caste, creed, religion or nationality or social status. In order to protect the environment and natural resources, for protection of animals, birds and other lives the trust will chalk out several activities.

The multifarious schemes being established in the form of Babaji Sannidhan will make people to think that they are in a blissful state of mind to be part of the society, as the very concept of establishing the Babaji Sannidhan itself is due to miraculous outcome of the devotion to God and his divine will to create the idea of sacrifice, a wish to serve the people for the goodwill of universal welfare.

Sri Mahavatar Babaji Sannidhan Seva Trust would be a multifarious mother Institution for various social activities in the real sense. The brief description of the different service plans of Sri Mahavatar Babaji Sannidhan Seva Trust, apart from the shrine is as follows:

  • Promotion and propagation universal brotherhood; universal self realization.
  • Rendering possible help to needy, challenged, economically weaker, aged, destitute etc.
  • To serve mankind as one's larger Self and disseminate among the nations and people the knowledge of definite scientific techniques for attaining direct personal experience of God through Mahavatar Kriya Babaji and his guidance.
  • To establish Temples of Peace in every home and encourage the individuals to maintain complete harmony and oneness with all living beings with the guidance and blessings of Kriya Babaji.
  • Promote human values and teachings of saints, especially of Sri. Mahavatar Kriya Babaji and learned, render mutual help and respect for all, practice of non-violence tolerance in every in every sphere of life.
  • To establish world class asylum for senior citizens
  • To establish world class asylum for physically challenged
  • To establish various Self Help Groups
  • To organize Group Marriages (Samuhika Vivah) for economically weaker sections
  • Establish Residential School to mould the children in Vedic as well as the Modern Science and produce the best citizens for the future
  • Organizing Yoga and Health camps
  • Organise seminars, lectures and discourses
  • Promoting alternative system of medicines for eradication of diseases
  • Encourage sattvik, vegetarian food and allow animals & birds to live their life
  • To bring out publications to disseminate the knowledge on Indian heritage and culture
  • Establishment Goshalas, cultivation of crops, vegetables, fruits free of chemicals
  • To establish cottages for public stay and perform various religious & social ceremonies
  • Establish Jyotisha Peetah to help and guide people plan their life
  • Organize various Yajnas such as agnihotra and other yajnas
  • To create awareness among villagers and help them to be self reliant