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Saptha Marga

Further, Babaji has guided Dr. N Rajgopal about a new path which the present society and its people are in dire need. The path is named by Babaji as Saptha Marga. Babaji has assured that through the practice of Babaji's Saptha Magra the growing multidimensional consciousness can be brought to bear fruit upon the problems of human society. And when the preparations are in near complete Babaji's divine consciousness will descend into all his disciples bringing about a heavenly life on earth. 

The Saptha Marga is broadly outlined as:

Babaji's Saptha Marga 

1 Karma Marga
2 Bhakthi Marga
3 Jnana Marga
4 Dhyana Marga
5 Nyaya Marga
6 Shanthi Marga
7 Sneha Marga

Essence of Saptha marga and its initiation

On Friday Sulka Ashtami i.e., on 05.05.2006 at about 10.00 p.m when Dr. N Rajgopal was in a state of his deep meditation, Babaji', again through his subtle consciousness, initiated him into the Saptha Marga. The initiation session went on for period of over an hour. The experience of the initiation was something which one has to experience rather than explaining. In short, it was a minute high-power capsule for the whole being, where the ignorance converges with ego and melts to bring enlightenment on various aspects of life.

During the initiation proceedings Babaji dwelt on the Saptha Marga and how it shall be further initiated down the line. Babaji also authorized Dr. N Rajgopal to initiate people who would adhere to the code of ethics into the Saptha Marga. The people who get "SM" initiation would, upon following certain self-guided ethics, become the channel for linkage between Babaji and the Society.

More details on "SM" will be provided to those who get associated with Babaji's mission and undergo the initiation.