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Yoga - Babaji and Yoga Siddhas

The Himalayan immortal Master Mahavatar Babaji is the great server of humanity. Babaji has every power, travels by mere thought, and manifests anything needed from the air and still stays youthfully in his physical body, guiding the matured, aged Saadhus, Sanyasins, and Seers seated around him. By virtue of Babaji is from the tradition of the great Siddhas. He is the knower of all science.

SadGuru Mahavatar Sri Babaji is a sage of infinite enlightenment, a God in himself and immortal Master of the Himalayas, who was born in the year 562 BC and has ever since not left his youthful physical body. It is astonishing that the deathless Guru bears no mark of age on his body; he appears to be a youth of not more than twenty-five. Fair-skinned, of medium build and height, his beautiful, strong body radiates a perceptible glow. His eyes are dark, tender and calm with ever glowing divinity; his long lustrous hair is copper-coloured. This is how one can lucidly describe about the living great master and Mahavatar Babaji!!!

Those who are blessed to have his darshan at his ashram will be astonished to see Babaji with his youthful physical body, guiding the matured, aged Saadhus, Sanyasins, Yogis, and Seers seated around him. Even to those who are virtuous enough to get his darshan, with his physical body, cannot go nearer to him because of the divine radiation spread around him.

Swarna Swargashram is the name of Babaji’s ashram. Gowrishankar Peeta is his seat wherefrom he decides and implements many schemes through the medium of his chosen disciples. In fact, as generally thought, he never does any miracles; but miracles do just happen around him, and it could be in any part of the universe. The Swarna Swargashram is located at an altitude of over 16,000 ft MSL and it is around 22 km away on an upward trekking from the temple town of Badrinath in Himalayas. In these austere barren landscapes at this high altitude, strewn with huge boulders, snow peaks, where patches of bhuj plants grow, the Swarna Swargashram is situated. It is very near to the magnificent triangular shaped Satopanth Lake having emerald like crystal clear water, surrounded all around by the mighty Himalayan snow peaks of Neelkanth, Satopanth, Swargarohini, Chaukhamba, and Balakun mountains. It is this water from Satopanth Lake that quenched the thirst of Yudhishthira of Mahabharata, when he went in his mortal form with a dog to be received by Gods in the celestial Rath. Except for pure water, rocks, some plant and trees among glazier, nothing could be seen near the Babaji’s Ashram. No one can approach on the Ashram closer than a mile without the permission or concurrence of Babaji. No photo or radar can capture Babaji or his Ashram.

Babaji travels around the universe everyday from his Ashram by mere thought, and continues to guide disciples, many a time, from celestial plane and on rare occasions astonishingly by his personal appearance anywhere anytime. Where, when, why and how one will have the darshan of Babaji remains a mystery. Everyday during Brahma muhurtha, Babaji stays in his Ashram. It is astonishing to see several souls of the past history are in his ashram, they include the best and the worst history makers from all walks of life.

Now one can perceive how the self-realized soul has seen the truth and shall impart the knowledge to the sincere seekers. Perfect knowledge and awareness is attained by just hearing “the truth” through the great spiritual master. By submissive inquiry and service to Babaji the seeker become a divine realized soul.