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Gururaj Shetty and His Grandmother

Mr. Gururaj Shetty was a friend of Dr. N Rajgopal. This man was very rich and had a few crores worth property. His maternal grandmother was an old lady of over 75 years and also had property worth several crores.

Once when Mr. Gururaj Shetty was in the company of Dr. N Rajgopal and his friends, he received a telegram stating that his maternal grandmother was serious. No sooner Mr. Gururaj Shetty made preparations to leave for his native place. Mr. Gururaj Shetty assumed that his grandmother would kick the bucket given her old age ailments and that all the property would come to him; he was visibly happy.

Dr. N Rajgopal who was watching the entire happening amongst the friends remarked – “We have to wait for tomorrow to see if his expectations come true”. “No doctor don’t open your mouth and utter anything” screamed Mr. Gururaj Shetty.

In a couple of days later Mr. Gururaj Shetty was back in Bangalore his head hung in despair as his pack of cards fell. His grandmother had survived. The old lady is alive even to this date in 2006 and is likely to complete her hundred, bur poor Gururaj Shetty is no more.