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Tamil Selvan

A person by name Tamil Selvan visited Dr. N Rajgopal. Tamil Selvan had some problems in his business as many of his business were clicked by others and hence he was in a dire need of a suitable remedy. He had even paid sufficient money towards a suitable remedy. He was asked to return after three days.

Dr. N Rajgopal subjected his case for MindScope. The planet Mercury appeared to be the root cause for the business upheavals and the solution was to remove the afflictions of Mercury through remedies. One of the immediate remedy was adding an Emerald. When a suitable emerald was selected through MindScope, to a question whether this gem will help in solving a part of his problem, it was revealed NO. When the gem was checked for any blemish, it was revealed that the gem if perfectly suitable in all aspects. When it was checked whether the gem will bring any bad effect on Tamil Selvan, it was revealed NO. Confused with contradicting revelations, Dr. N Rajgopal suspended the MindScope session.

It was then that Dr. N Rajgopal mind was deflected to the person’s longevity. Next day, he again took up the case and analyzed. Now it was revealed that the person may not live for more than three months. He may be a victim of an accident. Dr. N Rajgopal was shocked by the result, but we cannot do anything against the will of the God. When Tamil Selvan called on his, Dr. N Rajgopal advised him that no remedy is required by him at present. He only needs to wait for three months. Since any remedy can work on him only after three months, he has to come back later. Casually he was also advised to wear helmet while riding motorbikes. His money was returned.

After a few days Dr. N Rajgopal came to know that the person was no more. He met with an accident in Bangalore.