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Will Mathews Become Managing Director?

While Dr. N Rajgopal was working with MNC, many people knew of the rare Siddhi he was bestowed with. Even otherwise his was always a mentality to alleviate the suffering of people and so he would volunteer to people. People from all walks of life, many from corporate world like MDs, CEOs, Top and Senior Executives would consult and take help from him on multifarious issues. His superiors were also were no exception to it. One Mr. Uday Nath Mistry was the Chief of the Unit, who rose to this position from a mere GM. On his joining the company, coming to know of Dr. N Rajgopal, he asked him how his future would fit in the company. Dr. N Rajgopal had replied that if he remains with the company for at least six years, he will become Chief of the Unit. Surprisingly, he became the Unit Chief, while many of peers had quit on one or other count. Mr. Uday Nath Mistry was a generous and good hearted person with lots of helping tendency. But, while he would continue to seek frequent advices on variety of matters from D. N Rajgopal, he would not stick to the advice on some crucial maters while implementing, which at times proved costly for him besides him having to face embarrassment. Sadly, he was surrounded and misguided by a self serving coterie.

Once there was change of guard as the then MD was planning to leave India and move out to another country. There was an amalgamation of many divisions into one and as a result there were too many top executives, who were all reporting to the above MD. Added to this, earlier the MD had hand picked his choicest person, Sony Mathai, from abroad for heading the Marketing Division, who was a highflier. Though the right successor, for such a high post, would be selected from among the best across the world, still there was no dearth for competition among the many next level executives and many of them were working on it. One lady Kamala Samanth, the immature CFO himself, the Company Secretary, the acting HR Chief, so on and so forth were in the fray. Mr. Uday Nath Mistry was no less ambitious in clinching the post, being the senior most among all. In this connection, he indirectly sought the help of Dr. N Rajgopal in finding out whether the charming Kamala Samanth or the hify Sony Mathai would become the next MD.Along with their photo printouts, he also gave his photo. The MindScope revelation was that Sony Mathai will never become MD and it will be a surprise, if he retains his job. Kamala Samanth has a chance but an unhealthy act committed earlier may re-bounce unseating her also. On Mr. Uday Nath Mistry it was revealed that he will remain in his post undisturbed for quite some time, without any elevation.

The net result, an outsider was chosen for the plump post, Sony Mathai had to opt out of the MNC owing to market debacle of a mega product, and Kamala Samanth was caught in the corruption net and was given a go; all happened simultaneously. Mr. Uday Nath Mistry continues to be in the same cadre even today. Many times Dr. N Rajgopal has beseeched Mr. Uday Nath Mistry to carryout certain actions on the purported lines for achieving success, but Mr. Uday Nath Mistry failed to take note of crucial advices. Had he listened to and acted as per Dr. N Rajgopal’s advice, his position could have been something unimaginable than what is today.