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House on Temple Site

Mr. Dhyanesh on one occasion rushed to Dr. N Rajgopal for some help. Their fortunes were dwindling and there was no peace of mind in the house where they stayed for years together in Malleswaram area of Bangalore. As usual Dr. N Rajgopal asked for something related to the house to be given to him on which he can conduct MindScope analysis. This was November 1997 and the plan of the house was given to Dr. N Rajgopal. On analyzing the paper of the Residential plan Dr. N Rajgopal said that their house stood on the land belonging to a temple. The fact on that day was that there was no temple nearby in sight nor was there any knowledge that the land belongs to another near by temple. 

Lo! Eleven months after the astounding revelation, a temple dedicated to Lord Nandikeshwara or Dakshina Mukha Nandi teertha was unearthed adjacent to the above plot when a private party claimed the property of and began to construct a building. In the process a granite Bull was sighted by a group of boys which made big news in the area. No sooner the local people not only stalled the construction but also rejuvenated the temple with in a short time. Later history was traced which revealed that the temple is said to be constructed and consecrated by sage Gautama after the Mahabharatha war. The subject house plot was exactly on the entrance path to the temple. But several houses were already built in the area. Now this sacred temple is part of the famous Kadumalleswara shrine in Malleswaram. This stands as a testimony to the MindScope analysis. Mr. Dhyanesh’s house has since been sold.