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The Boy Who Would Run Away

In the year 1995, a family friend of Dr. N Rajgopal brought a typical case to him. The lady’s husband was living with another lady. Further her seven year old son was very harsh and naughty. She has no happiness in her house.

The background of the lady’s family: She was living in her own house, which belonged to her husband. Her husband is one of the sons from his father’s three wives. It was a big house in Bangalore unscientifically partitioned between sons of different mothers. The grand old man was the father so many children. He earned all the wealth from his Government job and died leaving a big family and his last wife. There was bickering and infighting on property share among relatives and most of the male were regular drunkards. Each was trying to snub the other through various methods.

The lady was asked to come back after three days. The case was taken up for analysis. The MindScope revelation was that her husband has already married and settled with another lady. The chances of her husband coming back are remote. Her son, seven year boy would not be attached to the parents and may be separated from the parents if precaution is not taken. The poor lady could not gather enough support from her husband to save her son. After a few years one day the boy left his house with some small cash leaving no trace behind. Till date the boy has not returned home. The lady was deserted by her husband. Now his second wife and her children enjoy the property.