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Flight Journey from Sri Lanka

Around 1981 or 1982 Dr. N Rajgopal visited Sri Lanka on a tourist visa along with 28 persons. After the tour came to an end all passengers retired for the day, preparing to leave for India the next morning, not knowing the surprises waiting for them. Next day morning they found that almost all the belongings, including their Passports and tickets, were stolen from the hotel luggage room. All of them had to board the flight at 12.30 pm and the Kattanayaka Airport was 40 kms away from Colombo. Hence, making police complaint and pursuing investigation was out of reach for a solution. Panic stricken passengers were stunned not knowing what to do. Luckily Dr. N Rajgopal knew of the proprietor of a particular Jewelry merchant who a prominent personality in Colombo. He was approached and through a gang leader all the lost belongings were retrieved but not before 11.00 a.m, which means the chances of boarding the flight was next to impossible. As there was a Tea plantation workers’ conference, organized by the thenMinister Thondaman, in progress, all flights to and from India were booked full. Meeting the Indian Airlines Chief in Colombo to get clearance for the journey also did not yield results, as the officer was not able by putting all the passengers on flight.

Under the tensed situation, Dr. N Rajgopal was left with no option other than seeking the help of God through MindScope. Surprisingly it revealed that all of them would be in India that night. How can it happen? Even the IA chief could not help them. Reaching the airport without tickets would be risky as there is no place for people to stay in there. Dr. N Rajgopal having full faith on God advised all to have their lunch and vacate the rooms to reach the airport.

As though it was a god set mission, on reaching the Airport while enquiring for possible tickets in the flight, some other airline officials were looking for passengers to India as their flight was diverted via Colombo and so many seats were vacant. In a matter of a few minutes emigration clearance, checking, IA endorsement etc., were over and all the passengers were in the flight. True to the revelations of the MindScope, all were in India that night.