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Heart Problem

November 2004 Mr. Jayaram had gone to his home town to perform his father’s annual rites. To support and be with his lonely mother, Jayaram’s brother had taken a transfer from his IAF posting at Chandigarh to settle down in Pondicherry. Five days after the annual ceremony was over, on 26th November 2004 his brother developed a massive Cardiac arrest at his work place. He was rushed to Pondicherry general hospital. Owing to successive infarctions at the hospital, he was kept in ICU. All of the family members plunged in grief and the mother was a picture of grief. The younger brother Mr. Jayaram phoned from Pondicherry to Bangalore calling Dr. N Rajgopal for help so that some solace could be offered and also to know the status of his brother’s recovery factor.

Dr. N Rajgopal doesn’t sit for MindScope on certain days and especially on full moon days and new moon days. So he could not attend to the call of Mr. Jayaram for obvious reasons. But towards the end of the day when repeated pleadings were made by Mr. Jayaram and followed by his mother, Dr. N Rajgopal decided to take a chance. He then placed the problem before SatGuru Sri Mahavatar Babaji and pleaded with his guru to help him in guiding the MindScope revelations on this very full moon day.

The results were positive indicating that there is no risk to life or longevity. The setback on health is a passing incident. There is no reason to be alarmed. The message was passed on to the family of Mr. Jayaram. Later the elder brother was referrer to Wockhardt Hospital Bangalore, for an angioplasty, which was performed successfully. He has since then recovered and leading a normal life.