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Allotment of Residential Sites

Mr. Devaraju was introduced to Dr. N Rajgopal by an astrologer friend. Mr. Devaraju would visit Dr. N Rajgopal often for a variety of issues. He has found success for several of his problems. In early 2004, during one of his visits he approached Dr. N Rajgopal. He had advanced sufficient amount to some official for allotment two to three residential sites. Except for the promise of allotment within a fortnight, no positive things have happened. He wanted to find out if it would happen in his favour as promised.

Dr. N Rajgopal analyzed the case through MindScope and found that it was a very remote chance that is almost impossible for him to get all the three sites in the ensuing year. He may be allotted one site that also not in the near future. Mr. Devaraju went back unsatisfied, saying he would speed up the process through his “influences”.

Two years passed and nothing yet has happened – Mr. Devaraju was not allotted the Residential sites even till June 2006.