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Poverty to Crorepathi

Once, Dr. N Rajgopal and his wife were invited by their relative for function. Living close by was a relative of one of Dr. N Rajgopal’s neighbourhood friends Mr. Munne Gowda and his wife Vijaya Lakshmi. She happened to spot Dr. N Rajgopal and his wife and invited them to their Spartan home. They treated them nicely with some bought out eatables and tea. The husband of this lady Vijaya Lakshmi was not doing a very respectable job and hence, though was toiling day in and day out, not successful in meeting both the ends. On request, a remedy was given to them in the form gem and Yantra. In a matter of two years they earned in crores and were successful in building a huge house at their village as well in the city. Vijaya Lakshmi normally was seen with bare minimum ornaments, but later she could be spotted with variety of glittering gold ornaments on her. God only knows how all these happened.