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Treasure from Gems

During 1983 Dr. N Rajgopal came into contact with a person from Mangalore through one of his friends. The new friend Altaf was a poor Muslim, with several sisters and four brothers. He was studying in Bangalore staying in a hostel. His father was suspended from Govt. services for obvious reasons. It was a difficult situation for the family to meet the expenses without adequate income and they were living in a hand to mouth existence. His father was a committee member in a nearby masque. He was in charge of lending vessels and furniture used of special occasions.

Being a devout Muslim, he had his set of belief system and he could seek any remedy within the acceptable parameters of his belief system only. However, through rich friends circle, Altaf led a fancy life becoming a chain smoker and taking liquor at times. The mother of Altaf and was a very nice lady, who was aware of Dr. N Rajgopal’s astute acumen in providing the much needed solace to the dire needs of the sufferers. Knowing of his clean life styles through austerities, she had lots of love and affection for him. Once, after the sad suspension of her husband, she was exchanging hew woes with Dr. N Rajgopal.

As Dr. N Rajgopal had already knew of the forthcoming problems to the family, he suggested some ways of improving his prosperity through a particular remedy. As the father was not ready for a remedy, while mother was keen to have it, a particular Gem was given trough her, to be placed beneath his pillow during the nights. After a few days, the father agreed to a previously suggested idea of staring a vessels lending business himself, which he rejected earlier. To start with, he preferred to concentrate on those items which are not held by the mosque. As he found good income from this business, his wife slowly revealed about the specific Gem provided by Dr. N Rajgopal. Now the father readily agreed to go with the remedy of Dr. N Rajgopal. Thus a suitable remedy was provided, with the consent of the person.

After a few days, he went on a purchase spree of several second hand vessels from hotels etc., of nearby districts. One day he called a blacksmith to polish the vessels. It appears that during the digging of the back yard, to install the bellows for creating a fire to melt the tin and coat the vessels, the man struck on a treasure of gold. Quickly the blacksmith was sent back with heavy payment. The news was kept very secret, even with Dr. N Rajgopal.

They had married off all the daughters at quick succession. They posed as though they earned through lending of vessels. As they become very rich, in order to dispel any suspicion amongst the people left the place. After a long gap of time, the mother of Altaf met Dr. N Rajgopal in a marriage. She confessed having struck gold and requested him to protect the secrecy. She felt very sorry for the ingratitude approach of her family members towards Dr. N Rajgopal. Pleading helpless before the husband and children, she begged for pardon from him. Dr. N Rajgopal wished her and her family to be happy, wherever they are. As of now Dr. N Rajgopal doesn’t know the whereabouts of this family.