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January 26, 2001 - Ahmedabad Earth Quake

In 2001 besides heading taxation division in an MNC, Dr N. Rajgopal was training Management Personnel across India. He has been traveling extensively in India giving lectures in seminars and workshops organized by several institutions. He has also been sharing the dais with many Management executive trainers and industry experts.
On 25th January 2001 he traveled to Mumbai for the lecture program slated in Hotel Centaur, after whish he was to travel to Ahmedabad for another workshop on 26th January along with another Management trainer Mr. Pramod Kumar, each sharing two sessions of four hours.

Dr N Rajgopal as well the other trainer could have handled the topic of the workshop and this thought was expressed by Dr. N Rajgopal to the other trainer. In turn, the Mr. Pramod Kumar readily agreed to handle both the sessions. Satisfied Dr. N Rajgopal delegated the work to him and boarded a flight and reached Bangalore on 25th night. On 27th came the news of massive earthquake in Ahmedabad …….. Later it was understood that Mr. Pramod Kumar was also one of the victims to the nature’s devastating fury. In the earthquake thousands perished and lost their homes. His Siddhi forewarned him not to go to Ahmedabad.