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Love and Life at Corporate Level

When Dr. N Rajgopal was working in an MNC, he had a friend by name Sesha Narayan aged about 45 years, who was in the level of Vice President in the Corporate Office. This gentle man was well settled in life with good parents, wife and two children. But his wife was a mentally disturbed lady and posed a headache to him. Caught between growing children and highly respected parents, he was his post marital life was very poor as such he would come to office very early and leave the office very late. On knowing about Dr. N Rajgopal, he befriended him and requested him to guide him on various issues. Due to good expertise possessed by Dr. N Rajgopal in dealing various aspects of life threatening problems, Sesha Narayan held him in high esteem. Their friendship lasted for over four years till Sesha Narayan left the company.

Working in the same MNC was a newly married fair charming young lady by name Savithri working in the front office. This lady’s husband, a short tempered and perverted personality, was running a small business in the office vicinity. He wanted his newly wed wife to be with him all the times. Hence, he asked her to resign her job, which was against her wish and the conflict between them. Savithri’s this issue gave her sleepless nights and she approached Dr. N Rajgopal with her problem in the guise of seeking guidance for her brother’s career.

One day as Dr. N Rajgopal was preparing for his MindScope sessions and was retrieving photographs of people – the photos of Sesha Narayan and Savithri came together, giving him some hits. Though initially ignored, Dr. N Rajgopal thought it fit to analyze them through MindScope. The revelation was that they could have an affair. Having waited some time for them to open up, he ignored the issue, but kept a small chit in his pocket about this. He also came to know that she did not tell the truth.

Later, when she was transferred to another unit where Dr. N Rajgopal was posted, she had to travel a lot. As she had to leave early and reach home very late, her problem with her husband further multiplied. She again approached Dr. N Rajgopal, pouring-out her cup of worries regarding her marital life. She said her husband was highly sensual and just wanted to be with her all the three periods of the day and hence the condition posed by him is that she should be at home only. As she did not want to conceive, so she was contemplating for a divorce from her one year married life. She had a younger sister, and a brother, the parents were not willing to entertain her divorce idea. Same view was held by Dr. N Rajgopal and he counseled her accordingly. One day she gave a parallel connection of her husband’s conversation with her, in which he was hell-bound shouting very indecently on her. Quoting this, she was firm in her theme of divorce and requested Dr. N Rajgopal for some remedy which could break her marriage. Dr. N Rajgopal advised her, it is easy to break but uniting is very next to impossible.

In the meanwhile, she abruptly resigned her job and on 1st of Dec of that year. She was to be relieved by Dec 31st. Dr. N Rajgopal was on a tour of north India during last week of December. She called him at camp and begged to save her from her husband through a break in marriage. Dr. N Rajgopal agreed to help her on his return. The remedy was given to her on 27th of December.

On 31st December she was on her last meeting with all her colleagues. When called on the chambers of Dr. N Rajgopal, he enquired about her post-divorce life. She replied she would marry someone who loves her. When such an answer was given, Dr. N Rajgopal asked if she knew anyone who could rejuvenate her life. She replied “what if he knew of any such person”. He replied in the negative to get more from her. She then came out with the name of Mr. Sesha Narayan. Immediately Dr. N Rajgopal retrieved the piece of paper on which he had noted down both their names with “???” marks after the MindScope revelations.
Mrs. Savithri was shocked and could not believe her eyes and enquired if Mr. Sesha Narayan had revealed it. Dr. N Rajgopal said ‘NO’ and said it was the MindScope revelations.

The next day Mr. Sesha Narayan called up Dr. N Rajgopal and said that it was the first call he is making his best Dr. N Rajgopal and he wanted to give his greeting and wishes for Dr. N Rajgopal birth day, besides for the New Years greetings. He also said what other person said was true and he sought pardon for not sharing with Dr. N Rajgopal earlier. Mr. Sesha Narayan also requested his help on his love affair. He promised that he would not let Savithri after her divorce.

During the first week of January, Savithri’s parents took her to their home for Shankranthi. That was the end. She never returned her husband. After three months, Savithri’s husband served a divorce notice and they got separated in a year. Later, Mr. Sesha Narayan also resigned his job and joined a software company. After befriending a more attractive lady there, he dropped Savithri. Her husband also got married to another lady and settled in life. Over the years, guilty conscious Mr. Sesha Narayan was hesitant to call Dr. N Rajgopal, slowly found a job in New Delhi and moved out. To this day, poor Savithri is employed in a company at M G Road, where she is toiling for hours.