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No Foreign Journey

One of Dr. N Rajgopal’s relatives – Sridhar approached him with his details for certain solutions. One of his questions was “Would he travel to a foreign country and settle there with a Job?” The answer got through MindScope revelations was that he may travel but “No” for foreign settlement in the next few years.

A few days later the same gentleman came to Dr. N Rajgopal and told him that he was offered a foreign assignment and he is in the process of getting ready to leave India in a couple of days. Many relatives and friends were sarcastically questioning Dr. N Rajgopal of the happenings contrary to his MindScope revelations. Dr. N Rajgopal smiled and maintained his composure stating that “I am also a normal human being and I reveal the results as I receive them without prejudice. The results are beyond me and finally it is will of the god”.

The gentleman’s trip was initially delayed by three months. Later he left for South Africa for a long stay, but was abruptly returned to India within 3 weeks. It was then known that he got into serious problems with that company / firm which literally threatened to even eliminate him if he did not concede to their demands. The gentleman, along with his another friend, escaped the dragnet reach India. Today, after nine years, he is still serving in India at ITPL, Bangalore.