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Missing Son

In the year 1998, father of missing Sukhdev Singh approached Dr. N Rajgopal to know the fate of his son, Sukhdev Singh who has been missing ever since he went to Bangalore airport to give a send-off to his sister Manjeet Kaur, but never returned home. Subsequently the parents and son’s wife requested Dr. N Rajgopal for help. The photo of Sukhdev Singh was analyzed through MindScope. It appeared that the son has become victim of some bad habits, he is mentally disturbed, and presently he may be in Golden Temple at Amritsar. His return looked very bleak unless some serious attempt is made to personally meet and convince him immediately. Though it was revealed that father is the route cause for all, Dr. N Rajgopal did not stress this point only to avoid further complications in the matter. Nearly a month later the mother of the boy returned to Dr. N Rajgopal and reported that her husband has not taken any initiative to locate her son. She also revealed that she is the third wife to her husband and he was a sexpervert. He had even established illicit relation with his daughter-in-law, as a result only the disturbed son become drug addict initially and later even left the house. However, on persuasion her husband agreed to accompany her to Amritsar in search of the missing son. Alas, they could only find the son’s signature and a small donation details in one of the Sarai / Choultry in the Golden Temple complex at Amritsar. But, their son had since vanished altogether into thin air and they had to return empty handed to Bangalore. After this incident, the father stopped meeting Dr. N Rajgopal. In the year 2002, Dr. N Rajgopal incidentally met Sukhdev’s mother who reported that there has been no info on her son. In the same year Sukhdev’s wife met Dr. N Rajgopal and during the counseling sessions, she admitted that her father-in-law was forcing himself upon her and the son coming to know of this left the house in disgust once and for all.