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Now No Marriage for the Bride

It was in the year 2002 Mr. Raju was one of Dr. N Rajgopal’s close friends. It was a period when Raju’s family was planning for his marriage. The entire family of Mr. Raju was busy on these days in search of a suitable girl. One Sunday two elder sisters of Mr. Raju went to see a bride at Sanjay Nagar. Mr. Raju’s sister approached Dr. N Rajgopal with the photo of the bride and asked if this alliance proposal would work. She also swiftly requested him not to tell anything till they are back after seeing the bride. Dr. N Rajgopal analyzed through MindScope and had the result written and sealed it in an envelope. He had left the envelope containing results for Mr. Raju’s sisters.

The sisters returned after seeing the girl and opened the envelope and found that the MindScope revelation said “There is compatibility for both” “Marriage is coming nearer for Raju” “But, no marriage indicated in the near future for the girl”. They were astonished about the results, as one of the sisters did not like the language accent as well as the behavioural aspects of the family, and hence they had called off the proposal. Later, Mr. Raju’s marriage was celebrated with another girl, within a span of three months.