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Who is the Father?

Mr. Dhyanesh who was always consulting Dr. N Rajgopal on his various issues was time and again telling Dr. N Rajgopal that he was haunted by goblins and ghosts. Dr. N Rajgopal analyzed the case. As per the MindScope revelation the trouble was noticed from none other the “no more” mother of Mr. Dhyanesh. Also Mr. Dhyanesh did not appear to be the legitimate child of his father, i.e., mother’s legal husband. Some clues like the real father could have some connection with musical instruments and could be a Brahmin by birth were given to him. On hearing the revelations, Mr. Dhyanesh was visibly upset and recalled the treatment meted out to him by his so called father during his childhood, in comparison to his younger brother and sister. Later, he even enquired his father picking up the topic, to which his father replied “never mind all these old stories” “I have accepted you as my son”! These words lead Mr. Dhyanesh to go deep into the matter for months and years and finally he was able to collect some valuableinformation about secrets surrounding his birth and his family, which goes like this….

His mother’s case was itself a pathetic one. Mr. Dhyanesh’s grandfather had married third time after he lost his two wives. At the time of his third marriage, he had sons through his earlier wives, who were elder to his third wife. The third wife was one of bad character and forced an unhealthy liking for her elder stepson. She soon conceived a baby girl through the stepson. Subsequently, the bad lady got rid of her stepson by poisoning. Later she delivered a baby girl, who grew up in a hostile atmosphere of the house and one day she was married. The baby girl was none other than the mother of Mr. Dhyanesh. After daughter’s marriage, the sex pervert ugly lady, not satisfied with delivering a child through her illicit relation with her own stepson, forced even her daughter for a similar act with another man, when her husband was out of station for a long time. Thus the married daughter delivered her first male child Mr. Dhyanesh! Also it was found out by Mr. Dhyanesh that a Brahmin playing guitar was a neighour during these days of the incident- who is the biological father. As of date, the old lady, not able to enjoy her wealth for obvious reasons, is spending her days in an asylum, while her daughter and Mr. Dhyanesh’s mother died long ago. His foster father married for the second time and divorced with multiple problems is today living a lonely retired life in Bangalore.

All these were known from the tips of MindScope revelations. However, Mr. Dhyanesh’s problems have not yet been sorted out. Over the decade, he has met with a couple of severe accidents, crippling every attempt of his business ventures. The problems have even affected his wife besides his son, who was born of a special Yantra made by Dr. N Rajgopal. He feels that he was an unwanted child for his mother and she disturbs him day in and day out, including inciting accidents. MindScope revelation is very clear that he can be out of generation of afflictions and continued troubles only when he commences to offer his Pitru Karmas. But, he has failed to take cognizance of Dr. N Rajgopal advice in spite of the fact that his biological father and mother are no more. Having got so much from Dr. N Rajgopal and MindScope revelations, Mr. Dhyanesh could have come down in his own interest. His reluctance only shows that the fate, if strong, can over take any advice for remedies by blinding a person.