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Marriage Hindrance

Once Dr. N Rajgopal’s close relative brought a Muslim girl Nageena to his house with the problem – the girl was not getting married even with concentrated efforts from her parents. The girl was already in her late twenties. Dr. N Rajgopal analyzed through when the case was analyzed, the surprising revelations through MindScope was that her parents are the main hindrance to her marriage. Later enquiries with Nageena confirmed, though Nageena did not complain about her family members, the revelations. Only the innocent Nageena could not understand the hurdles in the form of her own close relatives. Her brother, with wife and five children to support, though had a good job was never interested in work and thus was a spent force in the family. Nageena’s income was essential for the large family to survive. With this background, the parents and others were in some way or other scuttling all the proposals that came their way.

Having understood the case, Dr. N Rajgopal prescribed a Gem to Nageena with an instruction to keep it in her possession away from the eyes of all concerned. With in a month’s time, there were serious differences and Nageena was asked to get away from the house. She shifted to another nearby house to lead a lonely life. In a few days, another relative suggested that one of the proposals which she liked earlier and rejected obviously can be considered. Her response was in affirmative and the marriage was celebrated with in a short span. Finally, sinking their differences, her parents came to reality and took part in the marriage. Nageena’s brother had become more responsible by joining duty and earning his due to take care of his family. Today, Nageena is very happy, amidst her husband and children.