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Fatal Accident

An astrologer of good repute and working at an MNC was a good friend of Dr. N Rajgopal and both used to speak and discuss on various issues including Astrology. Dr. N Rajgopal On knowing the Dr. N Rajgopal MindScope analysis, the astrologer sent his photo through one of his clients to Dr. N Rajgopal and requested over phone for some solutions. Dr. N Rajgopal fixed a Saturday evening for appointment but the astrologer friend wanted to come only on Sunday. Dr. N Rajgopal had said that he is not able to meet him on Sunday and insisted that he come only on Saturday on way back home from his office after attending a sports meet. It appears that on Saturday evening, after the sports events, the astrologer preferred to go home from office and then went out to meet a wealthy client. But fate had willed it otherwise, the astrologer met with a fatal accident within 10 minutes of leaving the house. Sunday morning the information of the accident was known and the friend who delivered the photo called Dr. N Rajgopal fro outstation and requested him to find out whether the person would survive the perilous situation he was in. The result of the MindScope was highly negative. This was conveyed to the friend in couched in soft words. Within a few hours of the revelations the astrologer died in MS Ramaiah Hospital.