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CET Entrance Results!!

One day the parents of smart and handsome pre-university student visited Dr. N Rajgopal. They had come to know of Dr. N Rajgopal from some friends and decided to seek his help regarding their son’s career. The boy’s father was a Horticulture Scientist in Government of Karnataka. They wanted to know if their son would make it through the CET entrance, result of which was out, and be able to get admission into his most sought after career.

Dr. N Rajgopal analyzed the case and said the boy would get positive result on the course. The mother of the boy was aghast and remarked “How can the boy who has scored less and who more on body conscious and keeps preening and prancing in the front of the mirror get admission into CET?”

At the time of analysis Dr. N Rajgopal was not even was aware of the CET result scored by the boy. But two months later the parents knocked the doors with sweets and Bouquet to convey the happy news of their son’s clearing CET and getting the much sought admission to the course. The parents reported that the victory for son was as a result of the then Prime Minister doubling the seats in all the colleges across the country.