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Second Child Female

Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi, whose life turned to the glittering side after Dr. N Rajgopal’s remedy, was already blessed with a female child. After becoming rich, the couple was planning for the second child. Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi approached Dr. N Rajgopal to know what would be the gender of her second child. Normally Dr. N Rajgopal do not entertains such ridiculous queries. However, conceding to her persistence plea, he checked through MindScope and informed her that it would be a female child. Subsequently, she conceived. The couple visited a hospital, scanned and got it aborted, having come to know of the female baby.

After a year she again conceived and later delivered her second child which was a female baby. They invited Dr. N Rajgopal and family for the naming celebrations. Amidst the function, the lady Vijaya Lakshmi approached Dr. N Rajgopal and after initially exchanging some pleasantries asked why her 3rd child was also a female. Dr. N Rajgopal remarked abortion is not counted as birth. More over the 2nd child has no existence now and the 3rd but living then was the 2nd. And still then, the MindScope revelation was correct. It is their ignorance and over confidence, which led to the wrong calculation.