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Peculiar Family Problem Solved

Once a well placed business man Mr. Gowtham met Dr. N Rajgopal in an official meeting. Looking at the colour of Gem he was wearing, Dr. N Rajgopal hinted him that if life at home front was full of tension? The man broke down instantaneously and said he needs to have a discussion with him leisurely. That day evening, he invited Dr. N Rajgopal to join him for a dinner at Hotel Bangalore International.

During the dinner, he enquired how Dr. N Rajgopal was able to diagnose his family problem. Certain Gems change colours, when the health of the wearer is not good. Certain Gems will stay on the fingers of the wearer, even when cracked or broken. This is an indication of burning problem connected with dear and near ones. Mr. Gowtham then narrated his peculiar problems to Dr. N Rajgopal.

He was the only one son to his father. And he has three daughters. He had no wife, having died long back. His father was a retired civil servant and was staying with him. His daughters were aged 20, 18 and 16 years. The old man developed illicit physical contact with two of the grand daughters. Subsequently coming to know of the incident, he got his two daughters married off. However, not only the affairs continued but the two girls were also gradually influencing their younger innocent sister to follow their path. The father wanted to solve the problem in a more dignified way. Knowing the crime of his father, Gowtham could not take any drastic action on him as his father, happened to be one of best person. As father he had supported him to come up to his present level of success.

Later, based on the MindScope revelations, Dr. N Rajgopal gave him suitable remedies. Within a few months, his last daughter also got married. The old man himself gave up his desires and went away to Haridwar never to return again.