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Defective Residential Flat!

Mr. Subramanyam was Dr. N Rajgopal relative who used to consult him on any important issues, before he took any concrete decision. He was the Private Secretary to then Governor of Karnataka and had great faith in Dr. N Rajgopal’s MindScope revelations. He sold his house in Koramangala and moved into an old house on lease wherein a superstar of Kannada movies stayed earlier. From there he moved into a residential flat which he purchased after disposing off his house. Only when he came to invite for the house warming functions Dr. N Rajgopal came to know of the purchase of the flat. At the venue Dr. N Rajgopal was alerted that the house seemed to portend something for the head of the family. The family members were alerted but in vain. Almost exactly a month later Subramanyam, while on a casual visit to see his aged mother in the vicinity, was hit by an auto rickshaw and was admitted to a nearby hospital in a critical state. On getting the information of his accident and reaching the hospital Dr. N Rajgopal said that he would never be operated upon. Dr. N Rajgopal also indicated to his wife that Mr. Subramanyam chances of returning home is very bleak. What happened? The man was pronounced dead and never returned to that residential flat.