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Widowhood to Savitha

Manikkam having business interest in Kuppam (AP) hails from Dindugal in Tamil Nadu. He was doing granite business. Once, in 1993 he visited Dr. N Rajgopal with his wife and his six year old daughter. His grandfather was a very rich person whose death has brought him a few crores of rupees, beside landed property. He wanted to know, whether he should continue his granite business, or he could start a new one in his wife’s name. And if so, what should be the nature of the business?

It is customary for Dr. N Rajgopal to speak to the spouse also separately whenever a couple visits him together. Thus, when discussion took place with Manikkam’s wife, it was very clear that she was more interested in having a business in her name rather than continuing or expanding her husband’s old business. She was almost forced Dr. N Rajgopal that he must convey this to her husband, irrespective of his MindScope revelations. The couple was asked to come back after two days.

The MindScope revelations were confusing and shocking. The results were: Mr. Manikkam can continue and expand his granite business, which will flourish. He need not venture into any new business. He shall not invest any amount on his wife. For a question, it was revealed that Manikkam’s wife will become a widow shortly. For another question on Manikkam’s longevity, it was revealed that he would live sixty five plus years! How can his wife become a widow, when he has a very good longevity? The revelations were not only shocking but rather confusing.

When the couple called on Dr. N Rajgopal after two days, he advised Manikkam separately that he should never invest any amount on his wife or start any new business in the near future. He can only expand his old business. His wife was informed that as desired by her, Dr. N Rajgopal would advise her husband. However, if her husband decides to act in a different way, she should extend her support to him whole heartedly. She has concurred with Dr. N Rajgopal and both the couple left the place. 
After a long gap, on one fine morning in the year 2001, Mr. Manikkam called Dr. N Rajgopal. Later in the evening he met Dr. N Rajgopal at his residence. This time, the man had come with another lady, a seven year boy and a basket of sweets and fruits. He informed that, but for a brief period of Dr. Rajkumar’s abduction by Veerappan during Aug-Nov 2000, his business has shown very positive growth. On personal front, he has a blissful life. When enquired about the new lady who was with him, the person said she was his wife and the boy is his son. On further enquiry, he revealed that the lady who came with him previously was his fist wife. She had conceived through an illicit contact with another man and went away with him. This all happened when he refused to invest on her. After much mental agony and persuasions from parents and relatives, he was married to this lady. His elder daughter is now fifteen years and the step mother is taking care of her very well. He further disclosed that his first wife is now a widow and is in a bad condition and living a hand-to-mouth existence. The new husband died leaving her and the child.

The ultimate fact is that Manikkam’s first wife, though alive, is a widow. She entangled herself in an unethical act and become a victim, which no one expected. This is what appeared in the MindScope as “widowhood” for the lady. There was essence in the person coming along with his new wife to express his gratitude for the guidance given to him.