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Professional Stagnation

First MindScope revelation Miraculously, the first MindScope revelation saved Dr. N Rajgopal’s own from a dangerous pit. In 1979 Dr. N Rajgopal had just resigned his job in a private company and had joined another. Within a few days thereafter, he was admitted to CSI hospital with serious undiagnosed disease of vomiting fresh blood. Soon after the discharge, this divine gift of MindScope was passed on to him when he was undergoing treatment with a Siddha Doctor in Bangalore.

A few days later, one of his own sisters got a sudden marriage proposal from a highly placed Government official representing a vigilance department. Owing to some suspicion on the groom, Dr. N Rajgopal vehemently opposed the marriage, but all his family members agreed for the alliance and were in swift action for arranging the marriage. All of a sudden, there was no news about the groom, and ultimately the marriage proposal had to be stopped. A few days later his family members received a letter from the groom who was lodged in Salem Prison. It was understood that he was imprisoned on charges of impersonation, fraud and cheatings as a Government official. However, his sister was saved.

Paramesh of Satyam Computers was a dejected as he was slogging in a private company for over 12 hours daily without career prospects and growth. He faced a lot of difficulties and was in dire straits till has visited to Dr. N Rajgopal. That was it; he never looked back and was offered a plum post, which he never expected. Today he is married and leads a comfortable life at Wilson Garden. His foreign trip and training is in the offing. The remedy given is Gems and other remedies are planned in the near future.

Lohit of Sanjay Nagar is another case. He had enough of low wages, night shifts and poor personal growth at a computer firm. Having had enough working as an under dog, he decided to visit Dr. N Rajgopal and to decode the message of the stars through MindScope. In three months, offers poured on him and finally he was dragged by a MNC bank, which paid him twice as much as the previous firm. He has also embarked on a special training cum project work for over two months in US. Today he plans to own a posh flat in R T Nagar and is to be married in a couple of months. He says he was asked to go for the MindScope method of rectifying Karmic setbacks and blocks which put him back on the normal road to development. The remedies include Gems, Metals, specific herbs, Yantra, Homa etc