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BioChemic Clinic

Once a Bank Manager by name Rama Reddy, with several hidden agendas, visited Dr. N Rajgopal to seek his help and solve some problems. As Dr. N Rajgopal was also practicing Numerology, the person left his date of birth and photo. The person was more interested in knowing a variety of information about his future, like his line of profession, married life, possible business ventures etc, All these, without disclosing any clues about the person himself. Normally, Dr. N Rajgopal doesn’t entertain persons seeking predictions. However, after analyzing the photo through MindScope the person was guided to take up social activities, medicine, vehicle financing etc., if he chooses to resign the job.

Dr. N Rajgopal also asked Mr. Rama Reddy if he had any extra marital affairs with any ladies other than his wife. The person backed out and escaped without giving a clear-cut answer to Dr. N Rajgopal. Later he had to pay visits to Dr. N Rajgopal because of a more serious problem, which cropped up in the revelations. The problem was that the head of the household had his longevity could be terminated in a few months. Mr. Rama Reddy informed that he was the eldest male in his family, though he had an elder brother who was missing for years. During one of these visits the person also circumvented the “illicit liaison” problem but literally agreed having such a connection. He was suggested a suitable remedy for escape from the threat of longevity, which was carried out by Mr. Rama Reddy.

After a few months Mr. Rama Reddy returned. He was hale and healthy but was looking tensed. He reported that suddenly his elder brother returned home and he died in a mishap. His fear was whether the remedy given by Dr. N Rajgopal has saved him by bringing back his elder brother missing for ages or what? God only know the answer. Today the person has resigned from the Bank Manager and is running a BioChemic Clinic, based on his qualification acquired while in job.