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How Did Panneer Selvam Die?

During December 1991, the parent of 23 years old (DOB 13.03.1968) Kalai Selvam approached Dr. N Rajgopal with a request help her about the recovery of their son, who was undergoing treatment at various places for his leukaemia. Panneer Selvam and Kalai Selvam were twins, resembling one another in every aspect. Both were born at the same time, barring a few minutes difference. While Panneer Selvam was hale and healthy, attending to business, Kalai Selvam was ridden with serious life-threatening disease. The mother of the boy had already consulted several Astrologers, who all gave great hopes for recovery of Kalai Selvam within a few months, and prescribed several remedies. Contrary to the predictions and remedial measures undertaken, it appeared to the worrying mother that the case was going for the worst. The father of the boy was an engineer abroad and he had come down to see the son. Knowing of Dr. N Rajgopal and his MindScope, both the parent from Dharmapuri of Tamil Nadu visited him for an expertised hep and guidance. The photo of the boy, which is essential for analysis, was not readily available with the parents. Looking at their precarious disturbed mental state, Dr. N Rajgopal made an attempt to analyze the case through a slip containing boy’s name and parent’s name and advised them to bring the photo during the next visit. The result analyzed through a mere slip was amazingly encouraging. There was no indication of threat to boy’s life. The same communicated to the parents. Though the news was sweet to hear, still the mother’s face was glued with fear and anxiety. A few days later the mother reported that her son Kalai Selvam passed away on 26.01.1992, which was contrary to the MindScope revelations and also favourable predictions of other astrologers.

Two years later the parents approached Dr. N Rajgopal in connection with their other son’s marriage proposal. They requested for compatibility of the bride with their son. When the photo of was given, the name of the boy was indicated as Kalai Selvam. Shocked Dr. N Rajgopal enquired “is it not the boy who died is Kalai Selvam?” the mother nodded her head and reported that she observed that the boy’s father had more affection towards Kalai Selvam than the other son Panneer Selvam. In reality it was Panneer Selvam who was hit by the disease. Due to fear of neglect at the hands of the father, she had recorded at all places that it was Kalai Selvam who had contracted the deadly disease. She never expected that her son would die. Then what? Truly, the MindScope analyze was not done for Panneer Selvam! She was advised to change the surviving son’s name as Panneer Selvam, as otherwise it could lead to various other problems.