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Will My Son Return?

In the year 1997 Dr. N Rajgopal used to practice homoeopathy on Sundays in his senior Dr. P. R Bhaskaran’s dispensary in Bangalore. In those days the dispensary was functioning from 6.00 to 11.30 a.m. But Dr. N Rajgopal was visiting the dispensary from 8.30 a.m onwards. As a result Dr. N Rajgopal will not get to know of some patients. On one particular Sunday there was a middle aged person closeted with Dr. P.R Bhaskaran. There was a look of concern on the face of the person. The person resided in about six kilometers away. Dr. P.R Bhaskaran asked “Has he come back?” The answer from the person was “No”.
Dr. N Rajgopal intervened out of concern and asked what the matter was. Dr. P.R Bhaskaran narrated that the person’s son was missing. The person’s son, an X Std student had scribbled one of the female students name on his hand. Another boy had threatened him with dire consequences, if he interferes with that girl in any way. From that day evening the boy did not return home.

Subsequently Dr. N Rajgopal asked for the photo of the boy and sought MindScope help. It was revealed that the missing boy was no more and in all probability the body cannot be traced. The difficulty was in putting across the message to the parents. The matter was conveyed to Dr. P. R. Bhaskaran who prevented Dr. N Rajgopal from informing the father even in a mild language, as it could cause great anguish in the minds of the parents.

Dr. P. R. Bhaskaran in all fairness wanted to counter check with some other Astrologers also. Over the next seven months or so, as and when the boy’s father visited the dispensary, Dr. N Rajgopal would ask him the status of his son’s return and the person would shake his head in the negative. Dr. P. R Bhaskaran would invariably witness this scene through his be spectacle, in curiosity to know the power of MindScope on one hand and eager to hear the return of the boy on the other. On one Sunday, Dr. N Rajgopal not able to hold himself back from the pained father’s repeated queries finally told him of tragic events that flashed in Dr. N Rajgopal’s revelations.

A few days later, the already disturbed father reported that the missing boy’s younger brother has started behaving in an odd manner. The father was again advised to bring the photograph. The father went on his scooter to bring the photograph from his residence. The surprised and panic stricken father returned with some astonishing information. The information was that by the time he reached his residence, his second son had torn all the photographs and set them ablaze saying “why do you want take my photograph to a person who would read my mind?

Later, on advice, the parents decided to take their son to National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) for treatment and boarded a bus. But their son disembarked from the bus and went back home. The parents were taken aback by his absence in the bus after they reached NIMHANS. Worried parents found the son safe at home, who remarked “You are taking me to a place where people want to read my mind”. Even in bus some people wanted to read my mind. I will not go out in future. He then locked himself in a room. Further information on the boy is not known. In God’s creation there are several secrets known only to him.