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Motherhood to Meena

Mrs. Meena is a Post Graduate, now pursuing her MBA. She is married three years ago, but did not conceive. A couple of times what initially appeared to be pregnancy turned out to be a delayed menses! All the gynaecological tests prescribed by the Gynecologists were carried out. She had been taking several medicines as advised by the gynaecological specialists. But there has been no improvement in the case.

In October 2005, she approached Dr. N Rajgopal at his at Malleswaram consultation office through her mother. Based on MindScope analyzes, she was given a remedy and was asked to report after forty-one days, if no positive result is seen. She came back after two months with her mother and reported that the tests have confirmed her conception. She has been given further remedies to protection of the child and safe delivery. Happy Meena is expected to deliver the child around second / third week of August 2006.