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Murder Witness

Once when Dr. N Rajgopal was traveling in train from Hyderabad to Bangalore, a person by name Kashe, a native of village near Kolhapur in Maharashtra picked up a conversation and soon overwhelmed by Dr. N Rajgopal’s personality started narrating all his problems. Dr. N Rajgopal listened to several of his problems and offered some solace to the battered soul Kashe. Later Kashe called from Kolhapur wanted solutions to the problems he faced especially a queer one wherein he stated he was haunted by a ghost something like an incubus, which he felt would sit on him and suffocate him. For him it appeared to be an old man his family. 
Dr. N Rajgopal’s MindScope based on the photo of Kashe revealed that in his previous Janma / Birth when Kashe was a teenage boy, he was witness to a murder that occurred in a public place. Incidentally, in this Janma / Birth he has born into that family as one of the descendents of the murdered man. This was a queer case and no testimonials were available whatsoever to prove or disprove the case.

A few days later Kashe informed Dr. N Rajgopal over phone that while was going through the village land records on his land litigation, he came upon references from elders and some records about one of his ancestor who was murdered in public which happened about 100 years back.