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The Boy Who May Be Victim

In the same year, another brother’s family approached Dr. N Rajgopal. The family consisted of parents, two sons and one daughter. The husband had leased out all his part of the houses and wasted the money on drinks. The family was living on the terrace with a single room and kitchen. The husband will have poor income from his catering business and most of his earnings were draining on his drinks.

After the MindScope revelation the lady was advised that there could be two deaths in her family. Her son could become a serious victim. He advised that the elder son should be carefully taken care of or guarded from all evil influences and also remedial measure be initiated. But all caution was thrown to the winds. The lady did not come back for any remedy. 
After two years, her husband died, leaving heavy debt on the family. The lady started earning on food items with the help of her elder son, who discontinued his studies. They were able to earn a good lot of money and could regain their properties let on lease. The family had married-off the girl and was quite comfortable in many aspects.

However, greediness forced them to earn more. The elder son became independent earner by becoming auto driver cum owner. Soon he enlarged his empire by adding a few more auto rickshaws. Also the boy picked up drinks, and bad company.

In the year 2005, the approached Dr. N Rajgopal and informed that her elder son died all of a sudden. The lady requested Dr. N Rajgopal to help her to find out the reasons for her son’s sudden death. Dr. N Rajgopal advised the lady that he will not peep into dead cases. But, he advised her to take care of her last son, as his case was no better, in the given family feud and environment. Again the lady never returned! Let good sense prevails upon such persons, who value only money.