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Babaji's Major Role in 2050

Babaji will be playing a more major role around the year 2050 A.D, by which time various nations of the world will claim having attained supremacy over others in warfare and in possessing advanced scientific destructive inventions, thus threatening the very existence of the world and living beings through world wars. While subversive elements in each country would add an element of ruthless acts against their own tribes, environmental and biological degradation would reach an uncontrollable height. 

On the individual level, mental illness, stress, unrest, peculiar and unheard diseases, moral corruption, breakage of family, divorces, social unrest, clueless aimless life pattern, suicides, murders, crimes etc., would haunt the people of all walks of life. In fact the weapon of safety would become the weapon of great risk. 

Babaji's mission is to continuously save, guide and lead the lineage of all those deserving a peaceful and blissful life by seeking the path of truth, unconditional love for all, and service to every deserving, without any expectation. 

To achieve this, Babaji would ensure that the base works on various fronts are set up in advance through his disciples across the world. Accordingly, Babaji would chose the kind of marga or path to be adopted depending upon the maturity and development a society has achieved at a given place, at a given time frame.