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How to prepare a Quality Question?

About my health – Will I have any major disease in the next five years?

Are my Negative thoughts, demotivating me and my business.

On my Negative thoughts… – Do I have a solution?

As I my current Business is failing, should I take up a job as career?

I am an amateur Astrologer. Will I be earning my second income through Astrology?

I am bidding a tender to a Government department for Rs. 3 Crore. Will I be successful?

I am unemployed software professional; will I get a job in two months’ time?

I have an elder brother. I want to know about him. (No Answers to Questions on others)

I have stammering problem. Kindly let me know solution.

I have visited several temples, performed many Poojas. Why still my problems remain?

My daughter is in love with a Boy (Photo attached); will she be happy if married to him?

My financial status is very weak. How will be my financial growth in the coming 3 years?

My Son is in love with a Girl (Photo attached), Should I agree for their Marriage?

On which Year I will become a biological father?

We are married for 7 Years now, without a child. Will be become biological parents.

What are the best business options for me amongst the three given here below?

What are the best career options for me amongst the three given here below?

What areas of investment would be good for me in future - Stocks, Real Estate etc.,

When will I purchase my own flat / house?

When will I set in my Career with good income, in the next five years?

Which is the best place (Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Noida, and Pune) for my business?

Which is the best place (Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Goa and Haryana) for my growth?

Will a Job bring me better income than my present Textile Business?

Will business bring me better income than my present Marketing Job?

Will I become a Good and Successful earning Businessman in the next 5 years?

Will I get a share of my property from my family within 3 years from now?

Will I be safe from any major financial crisis in my present Chemical Business?