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The Himalayan Master Babaji's spiritual state is beyond human comprehension.the dwarfed vision of man cannot pierce to his transcedental would attempt in vain even to the pictures of avatar's attainment. it is inconceivable. However, if one can meditate upon the addorable effulgence of the glowing immortal Great Master;Babaji will illumine his intellect and whole life. by just repeating Babaji's name with reverence, one recievs the spiritual blessings of Babaji.

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MindScope is one of the most unique guidance to mankind through which planetary afflictions and deficiencies or adverse conjunctions can be traced or marked within minutes, without the aid of horoscope. The system does not depend on the horoscope or data required for casting a horoscope such as date, time and place of birth, whereas to scientifically find the planetary afflictions from astrological point of view, the astrologer cannot do without the above basic data.