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MindScope Astro Consultation

MS5K: Special Astro-MindScope Analysis / Consultation

1. Answers for any 6 specific questions for a single person
2. Detection of afflicted planets of that person
3. Concentrate on any TWO specific areas of Life, like Education, Job, promotion, Personal Business, Growth prospects, Marriage, Married Life, Employment, Foreign assignment, Health, Property, Litigation etc.,
4. Detecting Kala Sarpa Dosha effect
5. Detecting any curses affecting the person.
6. Detecting any unknown obstructions affecting the person.
7. Detecting any Doshas / Blemishes affecting the person.
8. Detecting the fear of any Black Magic attack affecting the person.
9. Detecting the fear of any Spirit attack affecting the person.
10. Setback seen due to the noted afflictions.
11. Approximate Span of life of the person.
12. The purpose of Birth of the person like Dharma (Righteousness), Artha (Materialistic focussed), Kama (Desire Oriented), Moksha (Liberation Seeker).
13. Quantum of enjoyment already achieved on point 11.
14. Quantum yet to be enjoyed on point 11.
15. Detecting the present Growth Potentiality of the person achieved.
16. Future Growth Potential of the person with such issues remaining.
17. Future Growth Potential of the person by clearing such issues.
18. Quantum Leap Growth, if any seen for the person in consideration.

Purely Photo of the concerned person will be considered for the study. However, if birth details are provided, planets afflictions etc. will be studied and explained through Astrological method.

within India- Rs. 5000, outside India- US$ 125

MS7K: SWOT Analysis – For individual’s Business MS5k Plus

Purely Photo of the concerned person will be considered for the study. However, if birth details are provided, planets afflictions etc. will be studied and explained through Astrological method.
For each additional partners or shareholders Rs:6000/Per Additional partners

within India- Rs. 7000, outside India- US$ 175


1. Please send only clear individual Photo, preferably a passport photo.
2. Group Photos, unclear Photos, Photo taken under a tree, Photo taken with any object together or behind would drastically reduce the authenticity of clear answer.
3. Hence, it is the responsibility of consultation seeker to send clear photo, as MindScope would be done based on the material received.
4. No call or mail will be sent to clients asking for better photo.
5. A brief description and background of the problems shall be provided.
6. If some information is hidden from us, the results could wrong, which please note.
7. Vague question like “How would be my future”? Would have an unclear answer.
8. Instead, one should ask “Will I complete my Graduation within two years from now”?
9. A question in a question would be considered as multiple questions.
10. Example: "Will I have my own house? If yes When? And in which City”? This will be considered as three questions.
11. The “Consultation Form” shall be filled in judiciously and only after full payment is made or the form will be deleted automatically without any reference.
12. Also, for any consultation like M - 01 to M – 09, AM – 01 to AM – 03 or MV – 01 – 03, those many questions / problems allowed only need to be uploaded. If you upload more than the allowed questions or problems, questions from number one will be considered for answering and rest will be deleted.
13. For SWOT Analysis – Photo as above, Name of the company in full, address, Nature of business, Brand name, if any, etc., shall be given in full.
14. All questions shall be raised clearly and legibly and straight, without hiding any wrong motives.
15. Questions relating to Gambling, Speculation, Horse Racing, Share Trading etc., will not be entertained.
16. Questions relating to dead persons will not be entertained.

Things required for consultation:

Clear passport photo of the person under question must be sent through email or post or carried in person.
Birth details like Date of Birth / Time of Birth / Place of Birth are not required for MindScope consultation.
These are required only for Astro MindScope consultation and will be obtained by us later after MindScope analysis,
If necessary, we will collect these details through SMS / Phone / WhatsApp etc., after detecting & informing you our findings.



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