English - 9880062706

Hindi - 9902062706

 English -  9880062706

 Hindi     -  9902062706


Spiritual Benefits – Higher Level

  • A feeling of lightness and freshness is evoked.
  • Activates and warms up the whole being.
  • Anahata voice can be heard.
  • Body and mind become very light, agile, fresh and relaxed.
  • Builds up sense of balance and a feeling of confidence.
  • Develops confidence and self-confidence.
  • Develops humility and balances the mind.
  • Enhances the general well being of a person.
  • Improves awareness during relaxation
  • Improves awareness of blood flow to the head region.
  • Improves concentration and memory development
  • Improves external awareness
  • Improves internal awareness
  • Improves lateral awareness
  • Improves spiritual awareness
  • Improves subtle awareness
  • Improves surface awareness

  • Reduces the Tamas.

  • Removes laziness and helps attain Sattivic stage.

  • Removes laziness and helps attain Yogic sate.

  • Rising of the Kundalini is noticed in the form of heat and energy outbursts.

  • Rousses dormant spiritual forces.

  • Will be able to speak to God

  • Will be able to speak to Guru

  • Will be able to travel with astral body

  • Will know the propos of existence

  • Will know the purpose of birth

  • Will know the secrets of life and death