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Greedy Man’s Gory End

In 1995 Dr. N Rajgopal was working in an MNC. One by name Mr. Jagannath used to lend money to workers for high interest. This person used to increase the interest rates suddenly according to his whims & fancy. He never spared anyone who got money from him. Dr N Rajgopal never borrowed money from the man, but that person had a lot of respect for him.

In those days, Dr N. Rajgopal owned a good two wheeler which Mr. Jagannath wanted to purchase from him. But, as the market rate of the vehicle owned by Dr. N Rajgopal was going very high, fixing the amount was a problem. Dr N Rajgopal stuck to Rs. 23,000/- while Jagannath quoted a lower price to which Dr N Rajgopal did not agree. Later, Mr. Jagannath left Rs. 20,000/- he had quoted to Dr N. Rajgopal and promised to comeback later. He also requested Dr. N Rajgopal to consider his quote. After a few days he came back and when Dr N. Rajgopal failed to relent asked back for the amount along with the interest. Dr N. Rajgopal refused and ridiculed the idea of any interest to be paid for an amount not borrowed by him. And finally, with the intervention of some colleagues, Mr. Jagannath realized his unrealistic demand gave up his idea and settled with what he gave. 
Later Dr N. Rajgopal called Mr. Jagannath and advised him about the ills of heavy interest charged on innocent and poor workers. He requested Mr. Jagannath to mend his ways to earn a reasonable income so that it will be acceptable all. Mr. Jagannath arrogantly left the place paying no heed to the good piece of advice.

A few days later, Mr. Jagannath was returning home after dropping his children at Baldwin School in the city. He was way laid and cut to pieces in the broad daylight by some miscreants. The gory incident shook the company, but many workers who had borrowed money from him breathed a sign of relief.