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Diwakar’s Mother Admitted to Hospital

Once, Dr. N Rajgopal visited a company for conducting management training. While he was at the security gate one employee by name Mr. Diwakar rushed to the security gate on hearing that his mother is serious and admitted in a particular hospital. He was tensed and while waiting for a vehicle he was narrating the news he received to the people gathered at the security office, where Dr. N Rajgopal was also present. At that time, some subtle messages passed before Dr. N Rajgopal that his mother is very safe. The matter was conveyed to Mr. Diwakar and he was asked to rather go to his house than the hospital. Next day Mr. Diwakar returned with the fact that his mother was hale and healthy. Then the news broke out that it was another Diwakar’s mother who was admitted to the hospital. The message was wrongly communicated to unconcerned Diwakar and it was a case of misreporting.