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A Desperate Husband’s Request

In the year 1995 Mrs. Vijaya and her Mr. Sunil came with a problem of landed property. Vijaya’s father owned a large piece land in the city. This man struck a deal with some businessmen who agreed to construct a building on his land, on a joint venture agreement and share the profit. When the agreement was ready and still to be signed off, Vijaya’s father suddenly expired. The business partners, in an attempt to cash in on the situation and grab the high value land, went ahead with the construction, not heeding to pleas of the legal heirs.

Mrs. Vijaya and her husband visited Dr. N Rajgopal to know the fate of the case and to find a suitable remedy. For MindScope analysis, when the photos of the concerned parties were summoned, the wife was hesitant to part with her photo and was enquiring several aspects of what all can be known from a mere photo of a person etc., She was seen to have gripped with some fear. Next day she approached Dr. N Rajgopal with the photos of the concerned parties. During the discussion she expressed that her husband has a sort of suspicion on her morality and hence no such topic shall be encouraged when he comes for discussion. On further counseling, she confessed having a in her neighbour, who is married with two kids. She sought the help of Dr. N Rajgopal in protecting her from this serious issue as she is undergoing severe mental agony, not being able to be sincere to her husband and also severe the relation with that man. That day evening her husband dropped in and enquired about the litigation of the property. It as informed that the case could pull on for a decade and if suitable remedies are taken they can find success with in a period of two years. They preferred not to seek the remedy at that time and approached Dr. N Rajgopal after three years. It was too late and no remedy was given. The case is still hanging in the court.

A little later in 1995 it appears that Mrs. Vijaya’s husband grew suspicious about her illicit relation. He came to meet Dr. N Rajgopal, with the photograph of his wife’s paramour. As he has invested huge amount on his wife’s name he requested Dr. N Rajgopal for a powerful remedy, which will do away with his wife’s paramour. While Dr. N Rajgopal flatly turned down his idea, terming it a heinous crime inviting the wrath of sin. However, he was advised to leave the photograph so the real fact can be found out and measures can be initiated to cut the relationship. He was advised to come back after three days. In the meanwhile Mrs. Vijaya was summoned by Dr. N Rajgopal, without the knowledge of her husband. She was informed that suspicion is growing in her husband’s mind that she should be very alert not to be caught by her husband.

When photo of Mr. Sunil and his wife’s paramour was analyzed, surprisingly certain amazing things were revealed. That the longevity of the paramour is more while that of Sunil is very short. His wife’ paramour will cease the relationship with his wife and he will go away to a long distance.

When Sunil returned after three days, Dr. N Rajgopal informed him that there appears to be no such connection between his wife and the suspected person. That his suspicion is misguided and he should concentrate on living happily with his wife. For Dr. N Rajgopal this sort of advice become necessary in the interest of future of Sunil’ family with two young growing up children, parent-in-laws etc,

Days passed, one day Mr. Sunil and his wife met Dr. N Rajgopal. Separately Mr. Sunil thanked Dr. N Rajgopal for his timely help, but for which he would have taken wrong step towards his wife. Similarly, on her part Mrs. Vijaya thanked him for the timely guidance in the form of a strategy to win over the confidence of her husband. She informed that her paramour had left Bangalore and settled in Jammu. For her it is forgotten story.

In the year 2000, Mr. Sunil met with a gory accident while on a pilgrimage and today his wife is widow with two children. Mrs. Vijaya asked Dr. N Rajgopal, how come he was not aware of her husband’s short longevity, to which he was pleading silence and innocence. How can Dr. N Rajgopal reveal to her the background of above story? However, the MindScope was correct in its analysis.