English - 9880062706

Hindi - 9902062706

 English -  9880062706

 Hindi     -  9902062706


Specific Contributions

Details Unit Amount in INR
Land for Babaji’s Shrine and all other Activities Per Sqm 1000
Centre for Physically Challenged Per Person 100000
Home for Senior Persons Per Person 150000
Establishment of various Self Help Groups Per Group 50000
Establishment of Residential School for at least 100 student Per Student 100000
Group Marriages (Samuhika Vivah) Per Marriage 7500
Organizing Yoga and Health Camps Per Camp 15000
Alternative System of Medicines - Medical camps Per Camp 10000
Organise Seminars, Lectures and Discourses Per Program 10000
Organic planting to encourage sattvik, Vegetarian Food Per Sqm 1000
Land for Babaji’s Shrine and all other Activities Per 100 Sqm 10000
Protection of Animals & Birds - allow them to live their life - 500000
Research & Publications on Babaji, Siddhas, Indian heritage - 200000
For establishment of Goshalas Per Cow 5000
Infrastructure to perform Religious & Social Ceremonies - 1000000
Establish Jyotisha Peetah to Guide people plan their Life - 2000000
Organize various Yajnas such as agnihotra and other yajnas Per Program 15000
Villagers self awareness and self reliance programs Per Village 5000000